The Outline for the Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences 食環境科学部の概要


Educational Goals

“Food” is the most basic requirement for human health. Food is intrinsically related to human growth, health management, and life support. The faculty members conduct research to solve problems in contemporary Japanese society, which is currently experiencing a declining birth rate and an aging population, and take scientific approaches to clarify the relationship between dietary nutrition and athletes, a topic that has been drawing more attention recently. We provide educational programs designed in a holistic and scientific way so that our students obtain food-related knowledge such as food safety and security, food product development, and nutrition through the lens of life science, a field exploring the origins of life. Our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic education incorporating philosophy, ethics, and other academic areas representative of Toyo University, in addition to allowing students to acquire expertise and special techniques, with the aim of developing practical food professionals who will contribute to the future of society.


The Faculty of Life Sciences was established in 1997, initially comprising only the Department of Life Sciences. With increased attention being focused on the field of biotechnology, the Departments of Applied Bioscience and Food and Life Sciences were subsequently established in 2009, resulting in three departments in the Faculty of Life Sciences. In 2013, The Department of Nutrition and Health Science was newly established, and moved to the Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences, together with the Department of Food and Life Sciences. There are two courses in the Department of Nutrition and Health Science: the Food Science course and the Sports and Food Function course. In the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, we focus on preparing students to become qualified dietitians. Furthermore, we train the next-generation of professionals who are not just qualified dieticians but have excellent communication and management skills, and play an important role in local communities and companies to meet the increasing demand for such professionals, as well as in the fields of medicine, welfare, and education.

Departments/ Admission quota/ Campus

Department of Food and Life Sciences

Food Science Course

食環境科学科 フードサイエンス専攻To learn a comprehensive skill to coordinate food and health. This course is suitable for those interested in food education, food culture, food functional science, and nutrition and health science, and who aspire to solve food-related problems.
Food Science Course, Department of Food and Life Sciences

Food Science Course, Department of Food and Life Sciences

To develop sports food and provide nutrition education for athletes.

食環境科学科 スポーツ・食品機能専攻This course is best suited to those interested in the nutritional functions of food in relation to sports, and who wish to provide assistance to athletes through practical nutrition management.
Sports and Food Function Course, Department of Food and Life Sciences

Department of Nutrition and Health Science

To become a dietitian with a scientific perspective gained through this unique program at Toyo University. 

健康栄養学科This course supports students to acquire not only dietician certification but also the broad knowledge necessary for research and development, as well as high-quality presentation skills.
Department of Nutrition and Health Science

Admission Quota

  • Department of Food and Life Sciences 
    Food Science Course: 70 students
    Sports and Food Function Course: 50 students
  • Department of Nutrition and Health Science: 100 students


板倉キャンパスItakura Campus
1-1-1 Izumino, Itakura-machi, Ora -gun, Gunma







食環境科学科 フードサイエンス専攻


 食環境科学科 フードサイエンス専攻

食環境科学科 フードサイエンス専攻

食環境科学科 スポーツ・食品機能専攻


 食環境科学科 スポーツ・食品機能専攻

食環境科学科 スポーツ・食品機能専攻






  • 食環境科学科 フードサイエンス専攻  70名
  • 食環境科学科 スポーツ・食品機能専攻  50名
  • 健康栄養学科  100名



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