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〔国際地域学部〕2014年度(平成26年度)語学賞 受賞者「語学学習の動機と学習方法」

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2014年度(平成26年度)国際地域学部 語学賞 受賞者


I would like to work globally as a member of tourism industry after graduating from university. In order to work and contribute in this field, the ability to use English is necessary.  I will be in the environment where I work with people from all over the world. Through my two years at university, I have studied English hard because I want to gain the chance to study abroad through the studying abroad program of Toyo. There are a lot of ways to study English, but in my case, I have tried to spend my time to learn English as much as possible such as by taking many classes conducted in English. Having overseas experience and English skills are really good not only for getting international work, but also for enriching our lives because it will be able to enlarge our potentials and spread life choices.


I was not good at English in high school days. So I decided to try to get high score on the TOEIC when I entered the university. I memorized many English words because I wanted to grow up my vocabulary. As a result, my score reached 550 points when I finished the first year. Thanks to this result, my motivation became larger. After that, I read a lot of English sentences. My reading pace was very slow and it was very hard for me to read English sentences. But my objective was talking with foreigners in English. So I have read them every day and tried to get opportunities to use English. In the last summer vacation, I visited my cousin’s house in USA and met my cousin’s friends. One month later, I could understand a little when I came back to Japan. I think these experiences improved my score.


In order to improve TOEIC score, I usually study with textbooks.  Actually they helped me to enhance the ability of grammar and reading comprehension, but I think the most important thing is to make conversations. That's why I actively take part in various activities overseas. I participated in KAKEHASHI project and visited three cities in the US last November. The purpose of this project is to make a bridge between American and Japanese students through cultural exchanges. We made some presentations about Japanese culture and met new friends. This experience gave me an opportunity to think about Japan again.  In the future, I'd like to get a job which sends Japan's attraction overseas. To realize my dream, I'd like to keep speaking English and learn deeply about Japan.


I used to speak English more fluently when I was young, because I lived in Chicago for six years in my child hood. But two years ago, when I met my old friends there, I realized that my English got really poor, and there were many scenes that I could not say the words in English. I was very disappointed and started to study English harder. I did not use any text books, but I tried to make more opportunities to speak English by contacting my friends in Chicago. Last summer, I visited Chicago to study English at the international school. During my stay, I was able to meet my old friends again. Still I could not speak English well, but I felt my English was getting better. I would like to continue studying English and wish I could speak without feeling any difficulties.


As I wanted to learn English deeply and enjoy it much more, I took SCAT classes. I tried to do various things for my homework and cultivating my English skill. I watched foreign movies and videos with English voice, read foreign books, and chatted with foreign friends. Besides SCAT, I practiced English using reference books of TOEIC. In addition to these things, I studied at a language school in Cambridge, UK. It was for only three weeks, but I could learn genuine English and had conversations well with non-native English speakers. This experience was valuable for me. After this studying abroad and finishing SCAT, I scored the highest points on TOEIC. I felt I could improve four skills of English equally. I could understand English easier than before and I was motivated so much.


I have been challenging for blushing my English skills. The reason why I have been studying English is very simple, just wanted to communicate with foreigners, and expand my knowledge with not only Japanese sources but also foreign primary sources. I was not thinking of studying abroad when I was freshman, but my advisor suggested me to go to the Philippines and study community development in English. If she was not my teacher, I might not study in the Philippines, moreover, I had no chance to think of studying English harder. Actually, I do not think I want to be a very good English speaker, but I want to be an English speaker who can tell my idea in my words. That is why I will continue to study English after graduate University. I would like to say thank you to my mentors.


Weil ich die deutsche Kultur und Geschichte liebe, lerne ich Deutsch.Also möchte ich auch einmal nach Deutschland fahren.Ich bestand die Prüfung von der Grundstufe 3 in deutscher Sprache. Ich habe vor,einmal in Deutschland zu studieren. Deutschland ist zwar weit  entfernt von Japan,aber die beiden Länder haben Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede. Damit ich Deutschland wirklich kennenlerne, möchte ich einmal dort studieren. Leider kann ich mich noch kaum auf deutsch ausdrücken. Also muss ich mehr lernen.Ich möchte in der nächsten Prüfung die Stufe 2 bestehen.






Je m’intéresse à l’Histoire de France depuis que je suis au lycée et que J’ai décidé d’étudier le Français. J’ai pris des cours de Français á l’université et j’ai principalement appris la grammaire en classe. J’ai pris comme mesure de réussir le Diplôme d’aptitude pratique au français par moi-même. J’ai utilisé les manuels et ouvrage de référence pour étudier les mots franҫais. J’entretiens une relation active avec les étudiants étrangers depuis que je me suis fixée comme objectif  d’être capable de communiquer en français. En outre, J’ai la chance d’avoir des amis pouvant parler français et c’est une très bonne expérience. Quand je suis allée au Maroc qui est un pays francophone, j’ai aidé une Japonaise qui était en difficulté et j’ai pu parler aux enfants Marocains.