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  2. Toyo University’s Support Action is officially recognized by Cebu City Council

Toyo University’s Support Action is officially recognized by Cebu City Council

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On February 25th, 2013, Toyo University was given official recognition by the Cebu City Council for all its supporting activities for the fire disaster at Cebu City which occurred in May 2012. At the award ceremony held in the Cebu City Council Hall, Regional Development Studies (RDS) Dean Toshinobu Fujii was presented WITH a plaque of recognition.

 Photo1 Dean Toshinobu Fujii receiving the plaque

A devastating fire occurred last May and destroyed the homes of more than 200 families in Brgy. Luz, Cebu City. As soon as the news reached Toyo University, the students and faculty members of RDS jumped into action. The students, with the leadership of the volunteer association group Samalat and the Seitaro Kanegae Study Group, started to raise donations for the fire victims in Cebu City where Toyo University students have been warmly welcomed to do yearly field work for a number of years.
Pgoto2 Student collecting donation

The professors and the instructors of the RDS faculty also took action to collect donations. The money raised though these actions went to the Cebu City Council with the help of Prof. Maria Rosario Piquero Ballescas. This enabled four destroyed houses to be reconstructed.

The award ceremony took place in a warm but dignified atmosphere, with the presence of the city councilors, fire victims and the students of Toyo University studying in Cebu City.
RDS Dean Toshinobu Fujii showed sincere gratitude toward the city councilors, Ms. Cabrera who organized the ceremony, RDS Associate Prof. Robert Hughes, Dr. Yuko Kobayakawa, and Prof. Piquero Ballescas.
Photo3 All participants at the ceremony