Overseas programs

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Language Programs and Specialized Programs Overseas

The GHRD Program of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies emphasizes experiential learning in fieldwork. This policy is reflected in the wide range of overseas programs offered by the Faculty. Students immerse themselves in the life and culture of a foreign country. They learn the language and study specialized topics while living in the country. This valuable experience often provides a foundation for subsequent success in the field.

Overseas programs offered by the Faculty of Regional Development Studies are classified into four types. A new overseas internship program will also be introduced.

Overseas programs

The Faculty of Regional Development Studies offers four types of overseas programs: language programs, combination of a language program and a specialized program, specialized programs, and fieldwork for seminars.

Language programs

These language programs are primarily to help students improve their English skills.
Southwestern University in the Philippines is one of our partners. The Philippines, a country where English is an official language, is a good environment for acquiring practical English skills applicable anywhere in the world. Students can develop their English conversation ability through one-on-one practice with local students and there are excellent opportunities for cultural exchanges. The program at Southwestern University is popular among beginner-level students.

Combination of a language program and a specialized program

These programs combine a language program and a specialized program.
Students take both English classes and specialized lectures.As well as improving their English skills, students learn about the local culture, lifestyles, and tourism policies.
These combination programs are offered at Bournemouth University in the UK, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in the USA, University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Curtin University in Australia, and Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

Specialized programs

These programs consist of specialized lectures and fieldwork.
Two-week programs are offered at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, the University of the Philippines Cebu, and Konkuk University in South Korea.
Students experience a different culture and learn about the country’s issues, such as urban problems, through fieldwork.

Seminars’ fieldwork

Students pursue specialized studies in seminars that include fieldwork opportunities spanning the world—Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Europe, and the nations of Oceania.
Students do fieldwork corresponding to the seminars’ research themes, such as poverty and environmental issues, regional culture, and development of tourism.


Overseas internships

The Faculty of Regional Development Studies will introduce an overseas internship program as a new scheme for developing global human resources. For this purpose, we will open an office in Bangkok, Thailand. Students will have internships at Japanese companies operating overseas, non-government organizations, international institutions, and local governmental organizations.