English Special Program

Japanese (TOYO Global RDS)

Minor in the English Special Program (ESP) for Global Human Resources Development

 The English Special Program (ESP), a minor, will make a vital contribution to accomplishment of the Faculty’s mission of global human resources development from academic year 2013 onward.

 The ESP program is designed to contribute to achievement of the Faculty’s global human resources development project goals: : 1) Communication skills in foreign languages, 2) Intercultural understanding while maintaining national identity, 3) Critical thinking skills to analyze issues and implement solutions by way of experiential learning in field work, and 4) A capacity to use technical information in English. The ESP program is exclusively for students of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies.

 Requirements for a degree with a minor in ESP are as follows:

  1. The student has earned more than the specified credits from courses taught in English or English courses, excluding mandatory courses.
  2. The student has earned more than the specified points under the Global Activity Point System.
  3. The student has outstanding scores for specified English tests (TOEFL-ITP, TOEIC, etc.).
  4. The student writes the abstract of the graduation thesis in English and writes the graduation thesis in English or writes a report on an internship or field study in English.