Global Activity Point System

Japanese (TOYO Global RDS)


Point System for Developing Global Human Resources

 A novel feature of this GHRD Program is that it includes a point system called Global Activity Points (GAPS). Students earn points by participating in various international exchange activities. The point system is a reward scheme to increase student motivation to participate in international exchanges in Japan and abroad. Selected activities have been rated and given a range of appropriate points for the students to accumulate.  Students who earn 30 points or more will be recognized and commended by the dean.

 The number of points students can earn differs from one event to another. (See the point table below.) Participation in a study-abroad program is worth many points. Certain events of the Study Abroad In Hakusan, Toyo (SAIHAT) Program are eligible for points. Even if you do not participate in study-abroad programs or overseas programs, you can still earn points by actively participating in eligible programs held in Japan.

Activities abroad
SAIHAT and in Japan

in Cebu Ambassador Lecture

Kizuna project Conference Writing