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Intercultural understanding and national identity

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Know the World and Know Yourself


 Cross-cultural astuteness based on appreciation and respect of other cultures and social mores is indispensable for global human resources. At the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, we are convinced that a proper sense of oneself and one’s cultural identity is a precondition for reaching out to other cultures. Therefore, we offer a range of programs designed to expand students’ cultural horizons through cross-cultural experiences and learning about Japanese culture.

 The Faculty of Regional Development Studies offers programs in Japan and abroad and various international exchange events on campus designed to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation of Japanese culture.

Study Abroad In Hakusan, Toyo (SAIHAT) Program

 At the Faculty of Regional Development Studies, students have plenty of opportunity to participate in international events and programs on campus. They can earn points by taking part in international exchange activities eligible for the Global Activity Point System.

International student symposia

 Student-initiated international symposia are opportunities for Toyo University’s students to exchange opinions with a group of students from abroad who are visiting Japan. Students from Curtin University, Australia, joined their Japanese counterparts for the 2012 International Symposium for Students, which had two themes, “Cultural Resources and Community Development” and “Restoration from Disaster.” We intend to place greater emphasis on international student symposia so that our students can experience different cultures on campus.

Field Programs in Japan [new]

 We offer international programs in Japan as well as overseas. One such international program, whose theme is restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake and development of tourism, in which students from overseas and Japanese students will participate, is to be held at several venues around Japan. Learning with counterparts from various countries, students can develop global perspectives while getting a proper sense of themselves and their cultural identity.

English Community Zone (ECZ)


 ECZ is a space used for activities in English. The use of Japanese is prohibited in ECZ. Students come to ECZ to engage in conversation with international students and teaching staff in English, thus enhancing their English communication skills. Events held at ECZ include exchanges between international students and Japanese students, semester-end parties, a Halloween party, and a Christmas party. ECZ is also used for classes and as a venue where students returning from academic exchanges give presentations in English on their experiences overseas.

Language Exchange Partner (LEP)

 Japanese students and international students form pairs and teach their native languages to each other. A great way of learning a language in the context of its culture, the LEP program promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Ambassador Lectures

 Ambassadors of various countries to Japan give lectures about the history of their countries, the environment, international relations, and so on in English. Since the launch of this program in 2006, we have invited ambassadors of three or four countries every year. Lectures by ambassadors are very popular, with each attracting over 100 students. Given in English, Ambassadors’ Lectures motivate students’ to take an informed interest in the world.

Japan studies program [new]

 In this program, Japanese students tutor international students as they explore Japanese culture and history. Japanese students offer insights into Japanese culture to international students and together they explore the contrasts and affinities between cultures. Appreciation of both Japanese culture and the world’s cultural diversity helps students recognize who they are and their cultural background.