Japanese (TOYO Global RDS)

Developing Global Human Resources with the New Program

Dr. Koichi Sakamoto

Dr. Koichi Sakamoto
Dean of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies

 The Faculty of Regional Development Studies was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 2012 for inclusion in the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development. This project aims to overcome the Japanese younger generation's "inward tendency" and to foster human resources capable of rising to the challenges of ongoing globalization and achieving success. This project is an opportunity for us to enhance the educational experience that we offer students and thus do an even better job of fostering global perspectives in our students.

 The Faculty of Regional Development Studies was established in 1997 with the mission of developing people who can think globally and act locally. The Faculty has undertaken some distinctive initiatives. In addition to English language instruction, we offer students a wide choice of subjects taught in English.Through study-abroad and international programs, our students have greater opportunities to experience the world. Students can also take advantage of our Japan study programs in Japan in which Japanese students and international students learn about Japanese culture together.

 Selection of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies for inclusion in MEXT’s Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development enabled the launch of this new Program of Global Human Resources Development (GHRD Program). The GHRD Program capitalizes on our experience and expertise. The GHRD Program emphasizes: 1) communication skills in foreign language, 2) intercultural understanding and national identity, 3) critical thinking skills to analyze issues and implement solutions, and 4) a capacity to use technical information in English. Our target is to increase to 35% the number of graduates with TOEFL scores of at least 550 and to increase to 40% the number of graduates who have studied abroad.

 The Faculty’s launch of the GHRD Program spurs Toyo University’s global human resources development initiatives. Our task is to transfer the knowhow and achievements we gain through the GHRD Program to other faculties of Toyo University in collaboration with the International Education Center that supports international exchanges throughout Toyo University. Moreover, since we would like to see other universities tackle development of global human resources, we intend to make the fruits of the GHRD Program available in the public domain.