Japanese (TOYO Global RDS)

Commitment to Developing Global Human Resources based on Three Key Concepts

Dr. Makio Takemura President ToyoUniversity

Dr. Makio Takemura

 Taking the opportunity of its 125th anniversary in 2012, Toyo University has been promoting educational reform based on three key concepts: philosophy education, globalization, and career preparation. As globalization poses many challenges, including that of enhancing the quality of the education the university offers to ensure international credibility of bachelors’ degrees as well as the task of establishing a world-class international research environment, our priority is to help students become sought after global human resources. In this regard, I am delighted that the educational initiatives of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies have been selected for inclusion in the Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 Global human resources are people with global perspectives capable of analytical thinking and problem solving in a global, borderless economy, regardless of whether they are based in Japan or elsewhere in the world. Such consummate professionals are a prerequisite for any society aspiring to flourish in the coming years and decades.
 Global human resources require communication skills in foreign languages as well as a combination of basic knowledge and specialized know-how. To help students acquire these attributes, Toyo University is offering various academic programs designed to improve proficiency in English—the international language of culture, commerce and science—and short-term and long-term overseas programs as well as study-abroad programs.

 A set of essential skills for global human resources also includes the ability to identify and resolve issues, exercise leadership, and collaborate with others around the world. Through their involvement in seminars and extracurricular activities, students will have ample opportunity to acquire these basic skills that they need in order to function effectively in contemporary society. By cultivating their own perspectives and insights, they should develop a personal philosophy that can serve as a foundation for their actions in the world. Toyo University’s emphasis on philosophy education has a role to play in this respect.

 In addition, students should also strive to appreciate and understand other cultures and apply the wisdom inherent in those cultures. This reaching out to other cultures should naturally be complemented by a sure grasp of the philosophy and culture of one’s own country and the ability to articulate their richness to people all over the world. Active participation in overseas programs and cultural events will help students develop these abilities.

 An education aiming to develop global human resources is naturally suitable for career preparation. Toyo University’s Global Career Education Center (GCC), which opened in April 2012, offers comprehensive support to students covering philosophy education, career preparation, and globalization so that every student can formulate their own career plan. In light of globalization, we have already embarked on new initiatives, including the offering of career programs in collaboration with specialized educational programs of other faculties and internships abroad.

 In according priority to development of global human resources capable of achieving success in an era of ongoing globalization, we are drawing on our tradition of philosophy education stretching back to our origin 125 years ago. Adhering to long-cultivated values that we cherish, all of us at Toyo University are united in our resolve to offer warmhearted, timely and effective support to every student so that they can achieve their aspirations.