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The Embassy Lecture Series 2014: Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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On October 22nd, the Faculty of Regional Development Studies welcomed H.E. Vassilev and the Second Secretary Ms. Antoaneta Grigorova to Toyo University as guest participants in the 2014 Embassy Lecture Series.
H.E. Ambassador Vassilev proved to be very friendly and accessible to the participants who attended this special lecture.


The lecture was offered in the regularly scheduled class of Regional to International Issues held Wednesday during second period. The Embassy Lectures are open to all Toyo students and interested persons, so a large audience was waiting with anticipation for this special ambassadorial talk.

Ambassador Vassilev is a career diplomat and he has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria since 1988.
During his many years of service in the MFA, he worked on three different occasions at the Bulgarian Embassy in Hanoi, rising to the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria.
From 2000 to 2003, he served as counselor with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bulgaria at the United Nations in New York.
His personal history is a long list of colorful service in foreign affairs on behalf of Bulgaria.

Ambassador Vassilev began his lecture by asking the audience if they were aware of the significance of the colors of the national flag of Bulgaria. Republics, he stated, usually have three colors. In the case of Bulgaria, white represents the peaceful nature of the people, the green represents the beauty of nature, and the red is to show the courage of the people to defend the nation.
With this explanation Ambassador Vassilev began his lecture. He told many interesting anecdotes about his background and his early education especially in studying foreign languages. Once in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his career began. The lecture covered many topics including geographical and historical overviews, yielding understanding of the strategic location of the country and its good relations with five neighboring countries. Detailed descriptions of early civilization and amazing accomplishments impressed the students. Bulgaria’s economic development and relations with Japan created very favorable impressions.

Several students challenged the Ambassador with interesting questions.
At the end of the lecture, Ambassador Vassilev made a generous invitation for students to visit the Bulgarian Embassy.
The lecture was very informative and enjoyed by all the participants.

ゲオルギ・ヴァシレフ特命全権大使 大使との記念写真

Embassy of  the Republic of Bulgaria