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  2. Five Week Study Program At Curtin University in Perth, Australia [Part 2]

Five Week Study Program At Curtin University in Perth, Australia [Part 2]

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Part 2 : Two Weeks of Special Program

The study program at Curtin University in Perth, Australia (Feb. 16 - Mar. 24, 2013) was held for the first time. 
The program was unique for its; five-week-long stay (the longest one had been three weeks for these short study programs), homestay to experience Australian lifestyles, and combined customized Intensive English Studies (three weeks) and the Special Program (two weeks).

The special Program focused on introducing multicultural and historical aspects of Australia. 
In the classes, Toyo students acquired knowledge about life in Perth, and in return, they explained that of Tokyo.  Based on what they learned, students practiced fieldwork in the surrounding suburbs and presented their findings and analysis to Curtin students. 


Students also participated in the Japanese language class where Curtin students were studying honorific expressions.  Together with Curtin students, Toyo students participated in role plays working on situations to use such honorific terms. 
We all ended up laughing and had a great time.


How students enjoyed homestay is clear from their vivid statements like; “It was great to experience Australian way of family life.” “Conversation with host family helped me a lot to improve English.” “Host mother and her son quarreled in such a fast manner!  I’ve never heard such fast English!”

Beside these provided programs, students enjoyed optional weekend events, particularly barbeque on the beach. 
Time flew like an arrow!  They enjoyed the program so much that they felt five weeks were very short.


Yuko Kobayakawa (Study Coordinator/Lecturer, Department of Regional Development Studies)

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