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  3. Toyo University’s Center for Sustainable Development Studies Implements a Project under MEXT’s Fiscal 2015 Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities

Toyo University’s Center for Sustainable Development Studies Implements a Project under MEXT’s Fiscal 2015 Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities

Implementing a Project under the Fiscal 2015 Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities

The research project of Toyo University’s Center for Sustainable Development Studies, which is intended to develop international contribution methods that are both localized for Asia and Africa and suitable for a globalized world, was selected as a project to be fostered under the fiscal 2015 Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities. Accordingly, the Center will implement the research project over the next five years.


The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) has been conducting research mainly focused on devising methods to help developing countries achieve sustainable development since it was launched in 2001. For the past five years, the Center conducted research in a multifaceted and practical manner on the theme of endogenous development in Asia, while making socially beneficial use of the results through the organization of international symposiums and publication of books. As a result, the Center received the Special Award from the commendation committee of the Japan Society for International Development for one of its publications, which describes the international development and environment with a focus on endogenous development in Asia. Moreover, many of the graduate school students completing doctoral programs who participated in the Center’s research activities as assistants are now working as researchers after obtaining their degree. Based on these achievements, the Center applied to and was selected for the funding program offered by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a means to foster research geared toward further international contributions.

Research Targets

The Center aims to conduct research and implement measures with a focus on making international contributions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the post-MDG indicators to be referred to in giving support to developing countries. To this end the Center newly included Africa in its research target in addition to Asia and will work to develop universal methods to foster endogenous development in the two regions through the enhancement of social infrastructure and in a manner suitable for the era of globalization.

Research Themes

Research activities are roughly divided into the following three themes: formation of social and economic infrastructure; human resource development to meet social needs; and creation of a sustainable society through business. In individual research activities, the Center will work to achieve practical results by focusing on the specific issues that need to be solved as early as possible and are related to other activities conducted by the Center. These include research into the hygienic environment in developing countries and the appropriate technologies needed for international contribution and development of such technologies; development of disaster control measures as well as related improvement and research of support measures in developing countries; research of governance-based urban planning; and research of economic promotion through tourism in developing countries. The Center will detail these activities through its newsletters. 

Research Organization

In conducting the aforementioned research activities, the Center is led by the Director and Project Leader (Vice President Kitawaki) and is composed of researchers who are regular faculty members of Toyo University, guest researchers who cooperate with the regular researchers, and graduate school students pursuing doctoral programs, who serve as research assistants. Furthermore, the overseas offices of the University will be used as overseas research bases and a new base will be established in Africa. Meanwhile, a secretariat has been established to support the Center’s activities. Please see below for the secretariat’s contact address and other details.

Making Use of the Research Results for the Benefit of Society

The Center will continue to make use of its research results in a socially beneficial manner as its important mission. It will foster close cooperation with related organizations, both in Japan and abroad, that will make practical use of the research results as well as with other universities and eventually the public in order to apply the findings for the good of society. Moreover, to introduce its achievements publicly and broadly, the Center will provide information through its website—both in Japanese and English—and its newsletters, hold international symposiums, and foster the publication of various materials. 

Secretariat of the Center:

Building No. 8 (7th floor), Hakusan Campus, Toyo University, 5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0806

E-mail: cesdes@toyo.jpURL: http://www.toyo.ac.jp/site/orc/

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