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★A service for alumni: “PIA after5club”//★卒業生向けサービス「ぴあアフター5クラブ」について

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・How to use  Initial registration is available from here.
The ID and password will be updated once a year (in early March); after that, please follow the procedures from here again.
          * From the second time (when you have an ID and password), please access the site from this banner:
・Introduction of services
・About the PIA after5club

【How to use】

Step 1    
Register your information from this link and obtain an ID and password 
  * The ID and password will be indicated on the “Form transmission completed” page.

Step 2  
Access the PIA after5club website and enter the ID and password obtained in Step 1 and your alumni ID number (same as your student ID number) to log in to purchase ticket(s).
*1) The alumni ID number (10 digits) is same as the student ID number. If you do not know your number, please contact us by Email (Our Email address is below).
*2) The ticket(s) will be sent to your home (freight free). After this, information from the university will be sent to the same address, so please do not enter an address other than your home address.
*3) Email addresses for cell phones or with a “@toyo.jp” domain are not accepted.
*4) Payment should be made by credit card.
*5) The ID and password will be updated once a year (in early March); please follow the “Step 1” procedures again.


Introduction of services

  Toyo University is making efforts to enhance the university’s appeal to draw our alumni’s attention and support to our initiatives.
   As part of such efforts, we are offering the “Ticket PIA after5club” service to our alumni.
   If you provide us with your address, email address and an update of your place of work through this website, we will issue you with an ID and password required to use this new service.
   Using the address and email address registered, the university will provide a report on its recent activities via Toyo University News, as well as information on the homecoming day, alumni reunions, lectures and seminars.

  We ask that you pay attention to the initiatives of Toyo University and the activities of junior fellows, and provide us with your continued support.

Office for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association, Toyo University

About the PIA after5club

Did you know?
This is a premium corporate service allowing the purchase of tickets at lower cost via a different channel from that for general users.

The service is available to graduates of Toyo University and its Graduate Schools!

★You can purchase popular, hard-to-get tickets with a higher probability of success!
Music festivals, sports games, Takarazuka Revue in Tokyo, performances by artists from Johnny & Associates or by overseas artists, Kabuki performances, and more. Advance reservation for popular events!
○ Special tickets for Yomiuri Giants’ games (with a 1,000 yen meal ticket available at Tokyo Dome)!
○ Tickets for family events such as “Disney on Ice” and “Okaasan to Issho Family Concert” are also available!
Besides these, there are many items available only to club members!
★Many discount items!
○ Discounts are available for movies, special exhibitions at museums and art museums, and amusement parks!
○ Members-only special price items are only available here! Discounts for popular events are also available.
Information is frequently updated. Don’t miss the latest information!
★Free movie previews and gifts!
○ Members-only movie previews are held. Why not see the movies before release?
○ There also are invitations to events and gifts.

Much more valuable than buying by yourself. ↓↓↓You can of course buy individual tickets.
★Charges and postage fees are NOT necessary for after5club members!
If you purchase tickets by yourself, you will incur the following costs in addition to the ticket price.

◆ Reserving four baseball tickets by phone and having them sent to your home. Additional costs other than the ticket price will be:
Normally 1,481 yen [216 yen for system usage fee x 4 + 617 yen for postage fee]
◆ Reserving two concert tickets online and receiving them at a convenience store. Additional costs other than the ticket price will be:
Normally 1,080 yen [216 yen for system usage fee x 2 + 216 yen for settlement charge x 2 + 108 yen for ticket issuing charge x 2]
* The examples of fees and charges described above are for general purchases (as of December 2016).
* Only in the cases of performances by artists from Johnny & Associates, a 514 yen postage fee is required, since postcards are used for application according to the promoter’s policy.

Just to tell you...
Tickets for events other than after5club events are also available!
Tickets for events nationwide on sale to general customers through [Ticket PIA] can be purchased without charges for service or postage fees!



[About the service contents and how to use]
PIA Corporation after5club
Weekdays 10:00–18:00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
Email: master-after5club@pia.co.jp

[About alumni information registration and alumni ID number]
Section for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association,
Office for Collaboration with Stakeholders,
Toyo University
Weekdays 9:30–16:45, Saturdays 9:30–12:45; closed on Sundays and public holidays
Email: sotsugyou@toyo.jp
Tel: 03-3945-7390

・利用方法 ←初回登録はこちらから。


Step 1    

Step 2  
次に、ぴあアフター5クラブWebページにてStep1で入手したIDとパスワード さらに卒業生番号(学籍番号と同じ)を入力し
ログインのうえ、 チケット購入
  *1) 卒業生番号(10桁)は学籍番号と同じです。ご不明な場合は東洋大学卒業生・甫水会連携推進室までお問い合わせください。 
  *2) チケットは送料無料でご自宅へ郵送されます。
  *3) メールアドレスは、携帯電話メアド、@toyo.jpメアドは不可です。 
  *4) お支払はクレジット決済となります。 
  *5) 年に1度(3月初旬)、IDとパスワードを更新します。改めて、Step1と同じ手続をしてください。  




                                      東洋大学 卒業生・甫水会連携推進課


















  ぴあ株式会社 アフター5クラブ
  平日 10:00-18:00 土日祝休
  Email:  master-after5club@pia.co.jp 

  東洋大学 社会連携推進室 卒業生・甫水会連携推進課(白山キャンパス8号館1階)
  平日9:30-16:45 土曜9:30-12:45 日祝休
  Email: sotsugyou@toyo.jp
  Tel: 03-3945-7390