English Speech Contest 2017 for Tourism Faculty.

  • English
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 On the 19th of October in the 5th period, 8 students battled it out in the Tourism Faculty English Speech Contest. For the Tourism Faculty, this was our first English speech contest. Since last year we were together with the Faculty of Regional Studies.

 All the students did very well in preparing their speeches with help from the coaches who were English teachers in the Tourism Faculty (Professors Hardy, Bertorelli, Watanabe, Hamilton and Turner). This year’s theme was about what students thought of the meaning of Global Human Resources. As you can imagine, it would be difficult to think of ideas to speak about straightaway. However, students researched, thought and prepared and gave their speeches covering a wide range of thinking around the topic. After much consideration, the judges decided the top 3 speeches from the 8, which were:

 1.Tomoka Narita (2nd year)  - Break your Prejudices
 2.Kazuki Takenaka (2nd year) - The Base of Global Human Resources
 3.Remi Kobayashi (2nd year) - Connecting the world


 Congratulations to these 3, but particularly so to the winner, Tomoka, who will represent the Tourism Faculty on the same topic on the 4th of November in the All Toyo University English Speech Contest. Good luck to her. Finally, a big thank you to the tourism office staff, student helpers on the day, the coaches, students for participating and the audience. I hope more students can be motivated to join this event in the future.

Graham Robson
Chairman of the Foreign Language Teachers Committee
Tourism Faculty, Toyo University.