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About Toyo Summer & Winter Program

Join us for Summer/Winter at Toyo

Tokyo is one of the most interesting cities that the cutting edge of new culturel trends and tradition exist together.
Toyo University's Hakusan Capmpus is located in the heard of Tokyo. Sleek, modern architecture is offsed by trees, open space, and several shrines and temples nearby.

Departing from Tokyo where Hakusan Campus located, Toyo Summer/Winter Program will give you the opportunity to explore various aspect of Japan with interesting themes. 


About the Program


Main Themes
Toyo Summer Program I 2018

Meet some of Japan’s top business minds
Explore modern and traditional culture
Experience the Japan business world firsthand


Toyo Summer Program II 2018

Japanese Culture and Society
~Traditional x Modern, Urban x Rural~


Toyo Winter Program 2019​

Experience the SNOW Life !