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11-1. Student Questionnaires

With the aim of reforming and improving the quality of its education, Toyo University implements various student questionnaires, including class evaluation questionnaires held in each semester to improve each class, and questionnaires about the curriculum of each school year, teaching methods cooperation is appreciated.

11-2. Off-Campus Activities

To participate in an internship, fieldwork, etc., approval of the instructor in charge is required.
During the internship or other off-campus activities, you should behave in a manner that does not inconvenience the host company or organization and act with an awareness of being a student of Toyo University. All students are covered by Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai ). If you get injured, you can claim indemnity by following the prescribed procedures. If you have any questions, contact the Administration Office.

Course Registration Guidance on April 7

170407_Course Registration Guidance[PDFファイル/30.35MB]
Sports and Health Science(SHS)[PDFファイル/4.67MB]
・Application form for Student Commuter Certificates (Sports and Health Science) [PDFファイル/155KB]

11-1. 学生アンケートについて


11-2. 学外での学習活動について



H29Web履修ガイダンス説明 [PDFファイル/1.78MB]

H29スポーツ健康科学ガイダンス説明_Sports and Health Science(SHS) [PDFファイル/4.67MB]

H29スポーツ健康科学科目について [PDFファイル/1.85MB]


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