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Invitation to the 21st Toyo University Homecoming Day//第21回東洋大学ホームカミングデー開催のご案内

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For Alumni

   We are very pleased to inform you of this fall’s upcoming event.

   On Sunday, October 28, 2018, the 21st Toyo University Homecoming Day will take place at Hakusan Campus in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

   Under the action plan “Beyond 2020,” which was formulated in 2016, the Toyo University Educational Foundation is carrying out university reform in accordance with the needs of the times and the mission of higher education, focusing on four keywords—“globalization,” “innovation,” “creativity,” and “human value”—with the aim of evolving and deepening our educational activities.

   Organized amid such reform efforts, this year’s Homecoming Day comprises not only programs for sharing the latest information about Toyo University’s educational and research activities with alumni, but also programs designed to facilitate interactions between alumni and current students based on the theme of “Bonds with current students,” including those for introducing alumni to extracurricular activities conducted mainly by sports clubs and seminar activities. The event also contains many programs designed for families. We look forward to welcoming many of you to participate in such programs with your family members.

   Moreover, the hours after the event are allocated to reunions. While the Toyo University Alumni Association will meet, we encourage other existing alumni groups to take advantage of this opportunity and convene a meeting or general assembly. We are also ready to arrange for the use of classrooms or cafeterias for reunions of faculties, departments, seminars with their instructors, or clubs.

   We look forward to welcoming many of you at the University on Homecoming Day.


Homecoming Day pamphlet [PDF file / 16.57 MB]

Date and time

Sunday, October 28, 2018 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Toyo University Hakusan Campus (5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Homecoming Day schedule

The [Homecoming Day schedule [PDF file / 258 KB] is downloadable.
* On Homecoming Day, the Tokyo Shokudo cafeteria (Basement 1, Building No. 6) will be open.

Instructors who will participate in the community program “Talk with your instructors” (titles omitted)
For additional teachers, please refer to Facebook "Alumni Lounge".

Ken’ichi Shigetomi (Faculty of Economics) / Naoshi Koriyama (Faculty of Letters) / Eri Yagi (Faculty of Economics) / Tsuneyuki Matsumoto (Faculty of Sociology) / Kiyohiro Kokarimai (Faculty of Economics) / Asao Okada (Faculty of Letters) / Yoshihiro Otsuka (Faculty of Letters) / Takayoshi Muto (Faculty of Law) / Mieko Kato (Faculty of Life Sciences) / Katsuo Tsuburaya (Faculty of Law) / Kiyokatsu Sato (Faculty of Law) / Maki Amano (Faculty of Sociology) / Masahide Yoneyama (Faculty of Engineering) / Yukio Sato (Faculty of Economics) / Kazuo Morioka (Faculty of Law) / Tsuneko Iwase (Faculty of Sociology) / Hajime Nagahama (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) / Hirofumi Inoue (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) / Masuo Imagami (Law School) / Shin Yokokawa (Faculty of Economics) / Yukio Okamoto (Faculty of Science and Engineering) / Kiyomi Takeuchi (Faculty of Letters) /  / Naoko Ueno (Faculty of Letters) / Kiyoshi Akita (Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts) / Hidenori Miyazaki (Faculty of Letters) / Setsuo Yamaki (Faculty of Letters) / Tadaoki Yoneyama (Faculty of Letters) / Shujiro Kato (Faculty of Law) / Osamu Kawaji (Faculty of Letters) / Shunshi Matsuzono (Faculty of Regional Development Studies) / Yuichi Kanda (Faculty of Science and Engineering) / Toshiaki Yamada (Faculty of Letters) / Shun’ichi Kigawa (Faculty of Economics) / Shinji Aoki (Faculty of Sociology) / Chunxiang Liang (Faculty of International Tourism Management) / Masaharu Sakaguchi (Faculty of Human Life Design) / Kayoko Sato (Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences)

RSVP for participation

* RSVPs are now being accepted.
RSVP by submitting the Notification of Attendance by October 25 (Thu), 2018.
Otherwise please bring the Notification of Attendance with you to the University on Homecoming Day.
Notification of Attendance [PDF file / 215 KB]

[RSVP on the Web]
RSVP here.
Please print out the email you will receive after submitting your RSVP and bring it with you to the University on Homecoming Day.

[RSVP by fax]
Fax: +81 (0)3-3945-7159
* Use the fax RSVP form enclosed with the Homecoming Day invitation we sent on August 31.
Please bring the fax RSVP form with you to the University on Homecoming Day.

[RSVP by phone]
Tel.: +81 (0)3-3945-7390
Please call the Office for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association, and inform the staff of (1) your name, (2) your contact number/address, (3) the name of your faculty/graduate school/junior college department/correspondence course department, (4) your graduation year, and (5) the names and number of people who will accompany you.


If you have any questions about Homecoming Day, contact the section designated below.

Section for Collaboration with Alumni and Parents’ Association, Office for Collaboration with Stakeholders
[Tel] +81 (0)3-3945-7390


We will continue to share information about Homecoming Day and other matters. Updates are provided via Facebook first. We encourage you to visit our Facebook page.
Click here for our Facebook page.




ホームカミングデーパンフレット [PDFファイル/16.57MB]


平成30年10月28日(日) 10時から17時00分まで




当日スケジュールはスケジュール表 [PDFファイル/258KB]からダウンロードしてお使いください。


重富  健一(経済学部)   郡山 直(文学部)       八木 江里(経済学部)  松本 恒之(社会学部)
小苅米 清弘(経済学部)  岡田 朝雄(文学部)      大塚 賀弘(文学部)   武藤 節義(法学部)
加藤 美恵子(生命科学部) 圓谷 勝男(法学部)     佐藤 清勝(法学部)    天野 マキ(社会学部)
米山 正秀(工学部)     佐藤 征夫(経済学部)    盛岡 一夫(法学部)    岩瀬 恒子(社会学部)
長濱 元(国際地域学部)  井上 博文(国際地域学部) 今上 益雄(法科大学院) 横川 伸(経済学部)
岡本 幸雄(理工学部)    竹内 清己(文学部)     上野 直子(文学部)    穐田 清(総合情報学部)
宮﨑 英憲(文学部)     八巻 節夫(経済学部)    米山 忠興(文学部)    加藤 秀治郎(法学部)
河地 修(文学部)      松園 俊志(国際地域学部)  神田 雄一(理工学部)   山田 利明(文学部)
城川 俊一(経済学部)    青木 辰司(社会学部)    梁 春香(国際観光学部) 坂口 正治(ライフデザイン学部)
佐藤 加代子(食環境科学部)


出席連絡届 [PDFファイル/215KB]






社会連携推進室 卒業生・甫水会連携推進課
【電話】  03-3945-7390




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