Founder About Enryo Inoue//創立者 井上円了について

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Founder and Enryo Inoue 

Enryo Inoue (1858-1919) was born as the eldest son of a Buddhist priest in today's Niigata Prefecture. As a child, he received Buddhist education and was trained in the Chinese classics. From the age of sixteen, he entered the Nagaoka School for Western Learning, where he studied English, Mathematics, Geography, and other Western subjects. When he was twenty years old, his Buddhist order, the Otani Branch of True Pure Land Buddhism, dispatched him to Tokyo to enter the recently established University of Tokyo.

It was here that Inoue encountered philosophy. He became convinced that all knowledge is grounded in philosophy, regardless of whether it originated in the East or the West. In 1887, Inoue founded a private school called Philosophy Academy, which subsequently developed into Toyo University.