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English Lounge & Programs//English Lounge & Programs

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English Lounge & Programs

In Toyo University Faculty of Life Sciences, campus English conversation and overseas English training in Canada, the various training programs for human resources which responds to the internationalization is supported are being performed.

English Lounge Campus English Conversation Lecture Overseas English Training Program in Canada
LEAP (Learning English for Advanced Purposes) (Former SCAT) TOEIC Workshop 
International Symposium Summer Camp (cooperatation with the postgraduate course)

E.LOverseas English training program  in Canada

English education 1 to correspond to internationalizationEnglish education 2 to correspond to internationalization

English Lounge 

Our university English teacher, Igarashi Hirohisa, Tomoko Eguchi, and Umamahesuwari’s "homemade free English space". Monday through Thursday during the semester period, there are sessions by the teacher in charge, subscribing foreign books, studying for TOEIC and scientific English, and presentation in English can be practiced.
Because the door is open for 24 hours, all except during sessions and event holding time, self-teaching, eating and drinking freely by the interior table and sofa is welcome. By entering in for rent books, it is possible to borrow interior books.

In-depth page for the English Lounge
In-depth page for the "participated in English Lounge and learned"

Campus English Conversation Lecture

Very friendly by the overseas lecturers. English conversation lecture, a travel time for 0 minutes. An inexpensive lesson for 100 times annually, available to be received by (about 100,000 yen). Students of 80 people attended the lecture in fiscal year 2015. The conversation skills are being polished.

Overseas English training program in Canada

Victoria, a good-looking in town Canada for language study training and home-stay. In March, 2016, as the 3rd generation students, 28 people participated. The cost are about 350,000 yen※ (results in fiscal year 2015) and Victoria University English Language Center, in addition to the language study lesson, program of substantiality as various activities outside and indoor. English weak point consciousness are conquered. This program will touch the different culture is the main destination, it is most suitable as the first step of studying abroad. After the participant returns home, the TOEIC score are bound to increase in leaps.

※ The charge of board and anything but optional tour

LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) (Former SCAT)

For students who wishes to study abroad, it is aimed with a target to acquire the English ability necessary to study abroad. English special education subject, Master of language educations, under the guidance of the overseas lecturer. Every half term, EAP A (Speaking and Writing), in the starting class of EAP B (Reading and Writing). It can be learned according to the respective focuses, during the spring holidays, TOEFL ITP measure lecture and English Camp is also opened. Further, this class is a unit authorization subject.

TOEIC Workshop

Free TOEIC lecture of 3 day concentration by Michael Randolph who has a book on TOEIC initiation, is our university English lecturer. Summer and Workshops held during the spring vacation start at February, 2014 and take pride in the degree of satisfaction of the participant 100%, receive favorable reviews each time every year.TOEIC WS

International symposium summer camp (postgraduate course and cooperation)

S.CA study exchange program of an overseas researcher and our university graduate student was performed from fiscal year 2012 to fiscal year 2015 in Graduate School of Life Sciences. We invited 35 in all overseas researchers, passed for 5 days every year, and "presentation practice" was performed using a seminar house, Itakura campus classroom and presentation by English were brushed up. Students planned events and we strengthened the intercourse by "international cafe lecture", "English lunch" and "laboratory tour" etc.. English presentation by representative student is being performed in Hakusan campus on the last day every year. Plans and the operation skill, as well as the English ability are raised through such activities, and the cosmopolitan outlook is being grown.

English Lounge & Programs

東洋大学 生命科学部・食環境科学部では、キャンパス英会話やカナダへの海外英語研修など、国際化に応える人材育成を支援する様々なプログラムを行っています。

English Lounge キャンパス英会話講座 海外英語研修プログラム in Canada
LEAP(Learning English for Advanced Purposes)(旧SCAT) TOEIC Workshop 

E.L海外英語研修プログラム in Canada


English Lounge 


English Loungeの詳細ページ
「English Loungeに参加して学んだこと」の詳細ページ



海外英語研修プログラム in Canada



LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) (旧SCAT)

海外留学を希望する学生を主な対象とし、留学に必要な英語力を習得することを目標とした英語特別教育科目。言語教育の修士号を持つ外国人講師による指導の下、半期ごとにEAP A (Speaking & Writing)、EAP B (Reading & Writing)の開講クラスで、それぞれの焦点に合わせて学べます。また、春休み中にTOEFL ITP対策講座やEnglish Campも開かれています。なお、本授業は単位認定科目です。

TOEIC Workshop

TOEIC指南本の著作があり、本学英語講師であるマイケル・ランドルフ先生による3日間集中の無料TOEIC講座。2014年2月にスタートし、毎年夏期・春期休暇中に開催されているWorkshopは、毎回参加者100%の満足度を誇り、好評を博しています。TOEIC WS