2. Commemorative Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Human Life Design Held

Commemorative Ceremony for the 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Human Life Design Held

A ceremony was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Human Life Design at 10:00 on Wednesday, November 25, 2015.


At the ceremony, after greetings by Mr. Shinji Fukukawa and Mr. Yuichi Kanda, the chairman and vice president of Toyo University, respectively, the mayor of Asaka City, Mr. Katsunori Tomioka, delivered a congratulatory speech. Mr. Hiromi Shiraishi, dean of the Faculty of Human Life Design, then introduced the university’s Declaration for the Future in English, based on the vision of the Faculty of Human Life Design.
Please click here to see the Declaration for the Future.
A keynote address was then given by Mr. Keiichi Kimura, who was a member of the swimming team that represented Japan at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and the London 2012 Paralympic Games and is unofficially designated a member of the Japanese swimming team for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games. The title of the address was “Now is your only chance to strive for your dream!”
Mr. Kimura has been completely blind since he was two years old. He started swimming when he was a child. He talked about why he first started to swim and shared some memories of his school days. He also reminded the students in the audience of the importance of companionship based on his experiences at the Paralympic Games. He furthermore encouraged them to support the Paralympics by becoming involved in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games such as through volunteer activities and by watching the events and to dream big during their school years.


The ceremony was followed by a commemorative symposium in which a panel discussion was held on the theme of “The The Aging and Low-Birthrate Society and Urban Development—Seeking good practices in Human Life Design study.”The panel discussion was moderated by Prof. Gihei Takahashi of the Faculty of Human Life Design and featured five panelists: Mayor Katsunori Tomioka of Asaka City and Prof. Yasushi Honna, Prof. Chizuko Kakuto, Prof. Satoshi Furukawa, and Prof. Yoshihiko Kawauchi of the Faculty of Human Life Design.
The panelists from the university introduced programs that individual departments and courses of the Faculty of Human Life Design have conducted in collaboration with Asaka City from the perspectives of welfare, childcare, health promotion, and universal design and presented their recommendations. Meanwhile, Mayor Tomioka talked about the current situation facing the city and future measures. Prior to the commemorative ceremony, Asaka City and Toyo University concluded a comprehensive agreement for mutual collaboration and cooperation. Based on this agreement, we will continue to strengthen our partnership in the future.



Comprehensive Agreement Concerning Collaboration and Cooperation Concluded with Asaka City.

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