2. “Faculty of Ecology Education (Tsurugashima Photovoltaic Power Plant)” and “UTH –urban tree house–” win Good Design Award

“Faculty of Ecology Education (Tsurugashima Photovoltaic Power Plant)” and “UTH –urban tree house–” win Good Design Award

On September 29, 2015, the winners of the Good Design Award were announced, and the following project related with Toyo University won an award.


Toyo University Social Design Studio (Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering) won the award for:
“Faculty of Ecological Education” (“e-colabo x tsurugashima,” next to the Tsurugashima Photovoltaic Power Plant)

Winners: Yomeishu Seizo Co., Ltd.; City of Tsurugashima;Toyo University Social Design Studio Ryuji Fujimura Architects

Outline: The “Facility for Ecology Education” was built for the purpose of the education and the awareness raising regarding renewable energy, disaster centers in case of an emergency, and regional revitalization. It is located next to a large-scale photovoltaic power plant at former factory in suburb of Tokyo. The plan was approved by the city of Tsurugashima, which commissioned the University for helping in the facility design. This project has designed by Kazumi Kudo + Ryuji Fujimura / Toyo University Social Design Studio, and the detail design and the supervision have been done by Ryuji Fujimura Architects.
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Tsunetaka Nomura (research associate at the Department of Human Environment Design, Faculty of Human Life Design) won the award for:
“UTH –urban tree house–” (private house)

Winners: Yasuyama + Future Design Studio; Tsunetaka Nomura

Outline:This is an urban resort house at Tokyo for the client who loves gardening and has distinguished knowledge about it. The site is located at a newly developed residential area with weak and flat urban structure. In order to create spatial order and to add the quality of a landmark to the site, we set a big and tall white oak tree at the center of the site. The tree provides us chances to enjoy its sunshade and breeze under it and to learn the ecological world of birds and insects around the tree.

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