2. Special Lecture by Mr. Xu Jing at UNWTO held

Special Lecture by Mr. Xu Jing at UNWTO held

On September 24, 2015, Mr. Xu Jing, Director of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, visited Toyo University to give a special lecture titled “Responsible Tourism: Roles and responsibilities in the growing tourism industry.” About 80 students at the Department of International Tourism Studies attended this lecture.

This lecture was organized as part of the project for the development of industry-academia partnership programs for cultivating human resources for the tourism industry, which we are carrying out in cooperation with the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The lecture was designed to be our starting point for establishing international partnerships in the future.


While overviewing recent international trends in tourism in his lecture, Mr. Xu introduced attendees to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism adopted in 1999, and mentioned the concept of accessible tourism whereby tourism-related activities should be conducted with respect for the fundamental human rights of the most vulnerable people. Moreover, he emphasized that one of Japan’s roles in promoting accessible tourism should be deepening collaborative relationships among industry, academia, and government, by taking Toyo University’s Industry-academia partnership program as an example.

Mr. Xu expressed his views to students attending the lecture, stating, “What young people should do is love tourism,” and he recommended that students should acquire a deeper thought on what responsible tourism should really mean by experiencing traditions and cultures around the world and gaining many experiences from tourism.

In the Q & A Session, attendees asked Mr. Xu a number of questions, including, “How should we take responsible actions in society in the future?” and “What is required to achieve peace through tourism?” The lecture reached a successful conclusion.


Additionally, during the luncheon talk between Mr. Xu and President Makio Takemura, held before the lecture, Mr. Xu gave us a warm message, saying, “I feel very grateful to Toyo University for inviting me here today. I hope to deepen the relationships between the UNWTO and Toyo University. For the further development of the university and for its establishment of a faculty of tourism, UNWTO will provide as strong support as possible.”

A booklet and a video reporting on this lecture are being created. They will be available as materials for seminars and English education.

For more details, please contact the project team for the development of industry-academia partnership programs for cultivating human resources for the tourism industry (person in charge: Mr. Nagai / ml-kjinzai@toyo.jp ).