2. Faculty of Letters holds a Slovenia Fair

Faculty of Letters holds a Slovenia Fair

Slovenia Fair held

Between 1:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday, October 12, 2015, the Faculty of Letters Committee for the Promotion of Globalization held a Slovenia Fair in the Sky Hall on the 16th floor of Building 2. Hakusan Campus. This fair was held as part of the Faculty of Letters’ project for the promotion of globalization, which aims to take the initiative in acquiring knowledge of different cultures and understand the significance of being immersed in a variety of cultures. About 80 students attended the fair.スロヴェニア共和国駐日大使

The faculty invited Her Excellency, Ms. Simona Leskovar, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Japan, to give a speech at the fair. Her Excellency, the Ambassador told us about beautiful natural landscapes in Slovenia, the history of Slovenia, which became independent in 1999, and cultural exchange between Slovenia and Japan, using PowerPoint slideshows and plain English. This was her first official duty after she arrived in Japan to execute her new duties as the Ambassador to Japan, and her Excellency, the Ambassador expressed her hope that many people in Japan will visit her country in the future.


Before the Ambassador’s speech, Visiting Professor Hisayoshi Miyamoto at Toyo University Graduate School of Letters, offered an interesting lecture titled “Splendid Slovenian Culture” about his own experiences when he visited the country to participate in the memorial symposium for the conclusion of a partnership agreement between the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Toyo University, showing beautiful photo slides of the nature of Slovenia and the university town.


Additionally, Toyo University students who had participated in a two-week training program at the University of Ljubljana last year talked to the audience about their experiences and memories during the training. After the fair finished, international students from the University of Ljubljana joined with fair attendees to enjoy valuable communications with each other in a booth specially prepared for that purpose. The entire event reached a successful conclusion.

* Applications for the short-term training program at the University of Ljubljana will be accepted at Education Affairs Section for the Faculty of Letters between Monday, October 19 and Monday, October 26, 2015. This program targets undergraduate and graduate students in all the departments of Toyo University. If you hope to participate in this training program, without attending the briefing meeting held on October 12, please visit Education Affairs Section for the Faculty of Letters.