2. Toyo University held its annual English Speech Contest.

Toyo University held its annual English Speech Contest.


Toyo University held its annual English Speech Contest on Friday, December 5 in 125 Anniversary Hall. The theme for this year’s contest was “a contemporary or historical issue of domestic or international significance”. Eleven finalists from Toyo’s four campuses delivered English speeches they wrote that addressed education, identity, social media, and other relevant topics of their choosing.
Ayaka Kaneko of the Faculty of Letters won first place with her speech Positive Action: Positive Society, in which she outlined the need for more gender equality and opportunities for women in Japan.
Anju Ishige of the Faculty of Life Design took second place with her speech Changing Our Views for the Disabled, which drew on her experiences as a disabled person to challenge the way society perceives disabled individuals.
Luciana Foseca of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies won third place for her speech What Decides Our Identity? Who am I?, which explored the concepts of nationality and identity through her experience of having been born and raised in Japan to Peruvian parents.
More than 40 students entered qualifying contests within their faculties and campuses. Of those, 17 advanced to the preliminary round, submitting videotaped versions of their speeches to a panel of English teachers at Hakusan Campus who served as judges. These judges then selected the eleven finalists who competed in Friday’s contest.
At Friday’s contest, the finalists were praised for their hard work, diligence, and passion by emcees Associate Professors Graham Robson and Robert Hughes, both of the Faculty of Regional Development Studies. Contest judges Chris Garth and Robert Morel of the LEAP program, and Andy Hockersmith of the Center for Global Education and Exchange also congratulated the finalists for their excellence in writing and delivering such inspiring and poignant speeches.
The top three students received Tosho Cards as well as a scholarship for taking a Business English course from Toyo University’s Language Center.

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