2. No. 13 Masajuro Shiokawa scholarship award ceremony was performed

No. 13 Masajuro Shiokawa scholarship award ceremony was performed

On June 2, Monday, the No. 13 Masajuro Shiokawa scholoarship award ceremony was held.


This scholarship was founded in April 2002 by Chancellor Masajuro Shiokawa in order to promote international exchange, and encourage attendance of foreign students. The scholarship is awarded to self-supporting international students with excellent grades, a good personality, and who are healthy and intend to contribute to the development of their own countries after graduation. This year, eight foreign students (six undergraduate and two graduate students) were chosen.

First, President Makio Takemura greeted and explained this scholarship. Next each scholarship recipient was introduced and given a certificate. The Board chairman Shinji Fukukawa encouraged the scholarship recipients saying, “We expect the recipients of Masajuro Shiokawa scholarship to become bridges, deepening international exchange between Japan and their native countries, as well as furthering knowledge in each field of specialization, playing an active role for Japan, China and the world.”

As the representative of scholarship recipients, Ms.Qin Ya Ping (second year, Master’s program of economics, Majoring Marketing Graduate School) expressed herwishes, “Working in a Japanese-affiliated company, I realized that my Japanese language ability and technical knowledge was lacking and made up my mind to study abroad. While studying in Japan, I live with the goal not only of studying, but also experiencing the culture and customs. From now, I promise to live an exemplary life representing the students and scholarship recipients, never slacking in my goal to becoming a bridge between Japan and China, contributing to the development of both countries, and repaying Japan.”

Following the award ceremony, a gathering was held for the scholarship recipients and was attended by the president, faculty deans, as well as previous recipients of Masajuro Shiokawa Scholarship alumni. At the gathering, everyone could further developed relationships by exchanging opinions with teachers, becoming familiar with other scholarship recipients, and discussing study themes, etc.