2. Founder’s Day Festival 2014

Founder’s Day Festival 2014

On Friday, June 6, 2014, the Founder’s Day Festival was celebrated at Rengeji Temple in Nakano-ku, Tokyo.


The Founder’s Day Festival, a Buddhist memorial service on the anniversary of the death of Dr. Enryo Inoue, founder of Toyo University, was held for the 96th time.

The memorial began at 10 a.m. in the main hall of Rengeji Temple with sutra chanting by a vice priest, and then incense burning by the attendants, elegy singing by mixed chorus group and students from Hakusan Glee Club, followed by a Buddhist memorial service. The ceremony next moved to Dr. Inoue’s grave, and the three cheers “Namu Zettai Mugenson” were given by President Makio Takemura.


Afterwards, a lecture entitled “Enryo’s Ideology in His Adolescence” was given by Prof. Setsuo Miura, the Faculty of Human Life Design in the main hall of Rengeji Temple. “Dr. Enryo elevated knowledge gained from education and reading into an ideology in the process of self-thinking and enrichment”, Prof. Miura explains and continues,, “such insight and imagination were cultivated in his adolescence and is the cornerstone of his great achievements.” After the lecture, a toast was offered by Board Chairman Shinji Fukukawa, followed by lunch.

Although with the weather was heavy rain, 90 persons still attended, including Mr. Tamio Inoue (grandson of Dr. Enryo), Board Chairman Shinji Fukukawa, and other university officials.