2. [Result at Rio] Swimming at Rio Olympics: Kosuke Hagino acquired three medals

[Result at Rio] Swimming at Rio Olympics: Kosuke Hagino acquired three medals

Acquisition of the first Japanese gold medal in the swimming 400m individual medley!
Silver medal in the swimming 200 meter individual medley and bronze medal in the 800m relay were also acquired.


On Sunday, the 7th of August, 2016, Kosuke Hagino (fourth year student in the Department of English Communication of Faculty of Letters) participated in the Swimming Men's 400 meters individual medley finals at Rio Olympics 2016 and amazingly won to acquire the gold medal at 4 minutes 06 seconds 05, which is the Japanese national new record of the time. Swimmer Hagino has acquired medals in the consecutive two Olympics, following London. Because Daiya Seto (Waseda University) also acquired the bronze medal, the double Japanese nationals shared the podium for the first time in sixty years.

(Left: Japan head coach Norimasa Hirai, Right: Professional swimmer Kosuke Hagino)

On the same day, Miki Uchida (the fourth year student in the Department of Business Administration of Faculty of Business Administration) participated in the swimming Women's four x 100m free relay finals as the first swimmer. The Japan team finished eighth at 3 minutes 37 seconds 78. It is greatly worth paying attention to the future competitions, as she set a new Japanese record in the qualifying round.

A public viewing was held at the Hakusan campus on the day. Approximately three hundred people gathered in the Inoue Enryo Hall and we expressed our tremendous encouragements to Rio mainly with the support by the swimming club members.


Furthermore, Mr. Hagino finished seventh in the men's 200m freestyle final on Tuesday, the 9th of August. Continuously, on the following day, Wednesday on the tenth, he contributed to acquire the Japanese bronze medal by serving as the first swimmer in the men's four x 200m free relay finals. The swimmer Hagino acquired his third medal at Rio when he obtained the silver medal in the men's 200m individual medley final on Friday the 12th, which was his fourth competition.

Kosuke OginoSwimming 400m individual medleyGold medal4 minutes 06 seconds 05
Note: New national record
Swimming Men's 200m individual medleySilver medal1 minute 56 seconds 61
Swimming Men's 200m freestyle Seventh place1 minute and 45 seconds 90
Swimming Men's four x 200m free relayThe first swimmer
Bronze medal
7 minutes 03 seconds 50
Miki UchidaSwimming Women's 100m freestyle 14th place (semi-finals eliminated)54 seconds 39
Swimming Women's four x 100m free relaythe first swimmer
Eight place
3 minutes 37 seconds 78
Swimming Women's four x 100m medley relayThe fourth swimmer
The tenth place(semi-finals eliminated)
3minutes 59 seconds 82