PartTime Job

Part-time job information is provided on the internet on the part-time job website "Toyo University Part-Time Job Info System". You can view this site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with access to the internet from a PC or mobile phone. After user registration, you can access the website via your mobile phone, but due to high amounts of data, we recommend you view the site via a PC. When inquiring a company, be sure to have your student ID and permission to engage in activity other than those permitted by status of residence with you.

Toyo University Part-Time Job Info System

User registration ((1)-(3)) is only required the first time. Those registered should start from (4).

(1) Access the "Toyo University Part-Time Job Info System":
(2) Open the new registration window, and register with your university issued email address
(3) Get an ID and password ※Will be sent to your registered address within a few minutes
(4) Access the "Toyo University Part-Time Job Info System":
(5) Login with ID and password acquired in (3)
(6) Search according to desired conditions
(7) Contact employers you are interested in on your own

Activities Other Than Permitted by Status (Part-Time Job)

(1)What is permission to engage in activities other than permitted by status of residence?(Before starting a part-time job)

People with the status of residence "College (Pre-college) Student" are allowed to wor part-time up to 28 hours per week. This application is called "pemission to engage in activities other than permitted by status." Before starting a part-time job, apply for this permission directly to immigration. Once received, you are allowed to engage in activities other than permitted by status until your period of stay expires.
International students are permitted to study at universities and conduct research in Japan. Part-time jobs should not interfere with studies or research.

NOTE: Students on absence from school may not apply.
※There is no longer a need to submit a "fukushin-sho" issued from the university.
※The university does not handle bulk applications to immigration. Apply directly yourself.

There is a limit to how many hours you can work part-time. Undergraduate and graduate students may work up to 28 hours, and nondegree students, auditing students, research students attending entire lectures may work up to 14 hours. During long university breaks (summer/winter/spring break), students can work part-time up to 8 hours per day.

(2) Apply for permission to engage in activities other than permitted by status

1.Apply at Immigration

Go to immigration to apply for "permission to engage in activities other than permitted by status". There are no fees.
[Documents required for application]
Permission to Engage in Activities Other than Permitted by Status Application Form, Certificate of Alien Registration, Passport

2.Receive Notice

Notice from immigration delivered to home address (2 weeks - 2 months from application)

3.Go to Immigration

Go to immigration within the time period stated on the notice to get the permission.
[Documents required for receiving permission]
Inspection Results Notice, Certificate of Alien Registration, Passport, Student ID

4.Start Part-Time Job!

Start your part-time job

※Download applications at the Immigration Bureau homepage: