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Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies

Outline (History) of Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies

Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies was established as an organization affiliated with Toyo University at the Itakura Campus in July 2002. Presently, researchers are conducting research activities, composed of 59 teaching staff of Toyo University, 19 visiting researchers, and 1 post-graduate researcher.
The purpose of establishment of the Institute is to contribute to regional vitalization by studying regional variable problems and environmental problems caused by development, etc., from a global viewpoint in order to find solutions, combining various research fields such as art, social, and natural science. The Institute promotes with interdisciplinary research activities with participation of cooperative researchers in a variety of academic disciplines, and conducts activities to contribute to regional revitalization in collaboration with regions and societies.

Activities and Features

The Institute has made efforts for achieving goals of broad regional revitalization by supporting excellent and useful research and business activities for regional revitalization, which researchers specialized in each field planned and proposed, using their expertise.
In recent years, the Institute has conducted activities responding to increasing needs of family and local society with changes in social conditions, as shown below: Kids Science School as part of dietary education support activity; "Workshop to feel cool and hot" held in Tatebayashi, the hottest city in Japan; and a public lecture on Eduvacation -Education by Trip which attracts attention as part of new sentiment education for children. Furthermore, a variety of lectures based on valuable regional resources are held, and regional tourism is promoted in collaboration with the chamber of commerce and tourist association.

Future Development (Goals)

Due in part to impacts from a declining birthrate and the aging population, natural disasters, and stagnant economy, local communities are facing a lot of challenges and seeking solutions for them. The university accumulates "knowledge" obtained in research and educational activities. The Institute considers it a mission to contribute to regional development and revitalization by using the knowledge to solve the regional problems. As the university is required to proactively and voluntarily play a core role to revitalize local communities as a member of the local community, the Institute intends to take initiative to do so.
The regional revitalization project in cooperation with local municipalities around Itakura Campus in which the Institute is located has been a core of research and business activities since foundation of the Institute. The Institute will work on a regional revitalization project in collaboration among industry, government, and academia