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Institute of Human Sciences

Outline of the Institute of Human Science

The Institute of Human Sciences was established in on 1st July in 2002 and is composed of researchers in broad academic fields, such as philosophy, literature, history, language and linguistics, psychology, education, social welfare, economics, business administration, and law. Presently, over 190 members, consisting of teaching staff of Toyo University, visiting researchers, and young grant-aided and post-graduate researchers, work on comprehensive studies focusing on the society in the 21st century.

Activities and Features

Research activities conducted in the Institute are generally divided into two types. One is individual research pursued by each researcher, and the other is joint research. In individual research conducted by each researcher, various subjects are freely set and studied at once uniquely and professionally. On the other hand, joint research forms the core of the research activities of the Institute. As grant-aided research projects within Toyo University, “The Future of Transnational Cultural History”, “The Longitudinal Research on Childcare by Teenage Mothers during Pregnancy, and Development of Support System for Their Independence”, and “Development of Capitalism and Reassessment of Modern and Contemporary History of in the U.K. An Academic Study on Changes in History, Thought, and Culture” were adopted (as of June 2012). Those projects have achieved successful results. In addition, multiple research teams consisting of researchers in various fields conduct pursue diverse activities.

As part of activities to contribute to the society, the Institute has The Centre for Developmental and Clinical Studies, in which professional researchers (full-time teaching staff of Toyo University) have provided consultation for people suffering from mental and physical disorders, ill parents and children. Likewise the Institute has also engaged in practical activities connected with the local communities.

Research Achievements

Achievements of individual and joint research are publicized through public symposiums and lecture meetings, as well as in the “Bulletin of Institute of Human Sciences” published annually. Especially in public symposiums, activities are conducted in cooperation with various extramural organizations and the conferences are held co-hosted and supported by academic societies and local municipalities nationwide.

Activities from both home and global point of view have be developed through, international symposiums of various subjects in which wide range of topic will be discuss with well known scholars invited from around the globe.