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21st Century Human Interaction Research Center

Outline (History) of 21st Century Human Interaction Research Center

The 21st Century Human Interaction Research Center was established in 2008, taking over results of the open research center improvement project (from 2003 to 2007) which had been subsidized. It was selected as the Grant-aided program for the Strategic Research Foundation for Private Universities (from 2008 to 2012) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The Research Center aims to conduct empirical and comprehensive studies on issues of victims caused by crimes, accidents, and disasters from the viewpoint of interaction between individuals, as well as individuals and the society. Presently, a total of 16 researchers consisting of 10 teaching staff of Toyo University and 6 visiting researchers are engaged in the research activities.

Activities and Features

Specific themes include structural mechanisms to cause drug disasters, criminal victims and restorative justice, critical incident stress on journalists, volunteers in natural disasters, social capital, psychological stress on citizen judges, and people's attitude to victims. In order to figure out psychological process underlying those problems, fundamental research on social cognition and self-process are proactively conducted. With the aim of enhancing a role as a research base, the Research Center holds workshops and symposiums jointly with researchers inside the university and invited foreign researchers, and plans cooperative research in order to further deepen understanding. A research network will be created in cooperation with domestic and overseas research organizations.

Research Achievements

Research achievements of individual groups are placed on an annual research report, and "Understanding the Modern Human Mind" which is published almost every other year, and all of their contents are published on the website of the Research Center. As issues handled by the Research Center are closely involved in people's everyday life, efforts are made to return research achievements and information to the society as soon as possible, through the website and opportunities such as public lecture meetings.