2. Research


Research Institutes and Research Centers


Toyo University's reserach facilities bring together researchers with wide-ranging knowledge for comprehensive studies in each field of research. The researchers are striving to conduct in-depth research in their field of expertise in an effort to open up a new future. Their research activities include programs adopted for the Strategic Research Foundation Grant-aided Project for Private Universities and other projects implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology. Following are the research institutes and centers.

Center for Academic Research Promotion

Research Institutes & Research Centers


  • researchInstitute of Human Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • Institute of Oriental Studies
  • Asian Cultures Research Institute
  • Institute of Regional Vitalization Studies
  • Research Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre
  • Asia Public/Private Partnership Institute
  • Inoue Enryo Research Center
  • Center for Global Innovation Studies
  • Center for Computational Mechanics Research
  • 21th Century Human Interaction Research Center
  • Research Center for Public/Private Partnership 
  • Research Center for Creative Management
  • Transdisciplinary Initiative for Eco-Philosophy
  • Center for Sustainable Development Studies
  • Center for Biomedical Engineering Research
  • International Research Center for Philosophy
  • Research Center for Development of Welfare Society
  • Research Center for Life and Environmental Scienses