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Staff of Department of Regional Development Studies


FacultyPositionResearch FieldWebsite
Sang Kyung
ProfessorUrban Studies and Planning, Land and Housing StudiesPersonal HP
ARAMAKI ToshiyaProfessorUrban environment, Environmental systems analysis, Environmental managementPersonal HP
ASHINO ToshihiroProfessorMaterials Information System, DatabasePersonal HP


ProfessorInternational Comparative Education 
BALLESCAS  MariaProfessorSociology, Gender, Development, Migration and Child Labor 
FUJII ToshinobuProfessorCity PlanningPersonal HP
HISAMATSU YoshiakiProfessorDevelopment Economics, International Economics, Political Economy, Financial Economics, and Latin American EconomiesPersonal HP
IKEDA MakotoProfessorModeling and simulation of citizen participation in sustainable regional development 
INO NobuoProfessorPublic Management, Public FinancePersonal HP
KITAWAKI HidetoshiProfessorEnvironmental ManagementPersonal HP
MATSUMARU RyoProfessorDisaster Management, Water Resources Management, International Development 
NAKABASAMI ChiekoProfessorInformation Science, Multilingual Communication, Social Network AnalysisPersonal HP
NEJIMA SusumuProfessorCultural Anthropology, South Asian Studies, NGO and Fair TradePersonal HP
NISHIKAWA YoshimitsuProfessorInternational RelationsPersonal HP
OKAMOTO IkukoProfessorAgriculture and rural development, Myanmar area studies 
OKAMURA ToshiyukiProfessorUrban Transport Planning, Transport Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning 
SAKAMOTO KoichiProfessorDevelopment Economics 
TAKAHASHI KazuoProfessorSociologyPersonal HP
YABUNAGA ChinoProfessorSocial Policy, Comparative Welfare State 
HUGHES RobertAssociate ProfessorEFL Education. Language Arts, Literature, and Composition. Psychology. Applied LinguisticsPersonal HP
NAKAJIMA AkikoAssociate ProfessorComparative Politics, European Studies 
SATO KaoruAssociate ProfessorLanguage and Culture Studies 
SHIMA NorihisaAssociate ProfessorUrban and regional planning, “Machizukuri” 
SUGITA ElliAssociate ProfessorDevelopment Anthropology; WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), International DevelopmentPersonal HP
Hanada ShingoLecturerInternational Comparative Education 


LecturerELT, CLIL, Immersion Education, Cross-cultural UnderstandingPersonal HP
MURATA YumieLecturerApplied Linguistics, Japanese Education 
OBERG AndrewLecturerEnglish Education, CALL, Moral Philosophy, and Applied EthicsPersonal HP
BOTEV IvanLecturerEnglish Language and Methodology 
KOBAYAKAWA YukoLecturerCommunity development process of slum/squatter areas, Social capital, Land and housing acquisition 
MANAGO GakuAssistant ProfessorWater supply and Hygiene, BOP(Base of the Pyramid) Business 

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