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Department of International Tourism Studies

 Acquire broad knowledge of specialist tourist subjects from an international perspective.

The tourism sector is constantly growing and demands workers who have the ability to understand the needs of national as well as international tourism situations.
Department of International Tourism Studies aims to develop its students, through their own personal experience of travel, to become leaders in tourism management. This requires a working knowledge of how societies operate and will involve planning and organizing tourist activities. Specialized tourism courses provide in-depth knowledge of regional cultures and societies as well as the theory that underpins tourism. At the same time, students will develop practical skills through internships, field studies, and various hands-on training. There is also special emphasis within Department of International Tourism Studies on learning languages and acquiring industry-recognized qualifications.

Tourism Management Course

Fully-comprehend the travel industry in theoretical and practical terms.


Through close examination of the travel, airline and railroad sectors, students gain the skills involved in industry operations as well as learning about practical theory and management techniques. The course supports students seeking to obtain government certification through the Domestic and General Travel Business Management Tests. Tourism management students engage in study meaningful to their future employment.

Hospitality Management Course

Master all aspects of the hospitality industry.


This course provides the students with a full understanding of the hospitality industry with a primary focus on the restaurant and hotel sectors.
Students will acquire knowledge about table service, cooking technology, staff management, customer relations and other significant matters for restaurant and hotel operations. As well as offering opportunities for internships and other specialized training, this course prepares students to acquire essential qualifications.

Leisure and Resort Management Course

Study specialized subjects related to the improvement, development, and protection of resort and scenic areas.


This course provides students with a deep understanding of the influences and impact that tourism can have on the environment and on local communities. In addition to a foundation in tourism and environmental studies, students will research issues related to leisure and resort facilities. Studies will also address community development. The course aims to develop students with extensive knowledge and theoretical learning to resolve management-level problems.


All of our students can have an opportunity to take part in practical training, known as "internships," in off-camps, tourism-related businesses and organizations, such as hotels, travel agencies, transport organizations, tourist bureaus run by local governments, along with many others sites. These internships will provide students with invaluable job experience in the real world, and increase their competence in their chosen fields. includes in-depth studies in the following key areas: regional planning, international politics, economic development, environmental issues, and international relations and cooperation. Studies are systematically expanded to include law, economics, public administration, management, sociology, and cultural anthropology.


Specialized lectures are also offered in English for motivated students eager to master English. To develop our students’ capacity to be active contributors in regional development, fieldwork and internships are encouraged through our specialized seminar studies. Since the year 2000, Regional Development Studies students, from their second year of the program, have participated in fieldwork and research during spring and summer vacation periods.

The Faculty provides a fully-supportive learning environment for students to become regional development specialists with an international perspective and intercultural communication skills.

Staff of Department of International Tourism Studies

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