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Department of Regional Development Studies

The Faculty of Regional Development Studies moved to the Hakusan Second Campus in Tokyo in 2009. The teaching staff together with about 1800 students, including 180 from foreign countries, constitutes a small international community.

This Faculty offers essential perspectives, strategies, and linguistic competencies that contribute to regional development, both domestically and internationally.

The Regional Development Studies Program is global in scope and includes in-depth studies in the following key areas: regional planning, international politics, economic development, environmental issues, and international relations and cooperation. Studies are systematically expanded to include law, economics, public administration, management, sociology, and cultural anthropology.


Specialized lectures are also offered in English for motivated students eager to master English. To develop our students’ capacity to be active contributors in regional development, fieldwork and internships are encouraged through our specialized seminar studies. Since the year 2000, Regional Development Studies students, from their second year of the program, have participated in fieldwork and research during spring and summer vacation periods.

The Faculty provides a fully-supportive learning environment for students to become regional development specialists with an international perspective and intercultural communication skills.

Staff of Regional Development Studies

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