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The Graduate School of Sociology offers two programs: Sociology and Social Psychology. Both programs aim to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to solve various social problems. Students are offered effective training in theoretical and empirical research methods with opportunities to develop their own interests. We encourage students to make presentations at academic meetings and to submit articles for publication. This graduate school’s mission is to contribute to society by fostering excellent professionals and researchers and making numerous research achievements.


Course of Sociology

Facing a variety of issues in today’s society armed with knowledge.

The Master’s Course of Sociology offers basic classes in social science methodologies and social research. This course is made up of three divisions, i.e.

“Contemporary Sociology,”“ Socio-Cultural Symbiotic Studies,” and“ Media and Communication Studies.” The course cultivates expert knowledge and a high level of decision-making skills. The Doctor’s Course aims to nurture researchers who conduct even further specialized research. The social research elements of this course provide certification qualifications for “specialized social researchers,” and consideration is given to granting teaching assistant and graduate researcher posts for those intending to become researchers. The course is notable for holding classes during the day and evenings so that the general public may attend.

Course of Social Psychology

Psychological approach to understand human behavior in society.

Our master’s course promotes a better understanding of human behavior, by preparing students with a wide range of knowledge and skills in social psychology. In the doctoral course, we train students to become independent researchers who are capable of solving current social problems. We highly value morality and social contribution. Numbers of programs are provided where students can master variety of research techniques, and foster global perspectives. For example, "Integrated Seminar on Social Psychology" class is open to all the graduate students and teachers, and sometimes we invite researchers from other institutions as guest speakers. This class provides great opportunities to practice academic discussions. It is actively encouraged to give presentations in domestic/foreign conferences.



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