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Graduate School of Law


The Graduate School of Law provides opportunities for deeper research in specialized fields of law.

This graduate school is ideal for persons who are aiming to obtain professional and/or vocational qualifications including as licensed tax accountants; persons aspiring to become general public servants or public servants in specific fields such as courthouse personnel and correctional facility instructors; and persons who wish to find employment at private enterprises in their fields of interest. Here, they can improve their expertise and master knowledge and ways of thinking that will be not only helpful for employment examination preparation but also useful in their future professions.

Opportunities are also offered for persons who wish to become university professors in the future and carry out more profound, continual research.


Course of Private Law

Mastering a wealth of legal knowledge based on a complex society.


Classes in this course center on a seminar style of study where students possess their own ideas and challenge one another during group discussions. The purpose is not only to enhance the ability to search through materials and gather information, but also to improve skills for presenting research and expressing oneself.

Detailed guidance is also given regarding writing papers. In addition, the door is open wide to overseas students from Asia. Today, when the refinement of laws is becoming pronounced, there is a great need for talented individuals with a high degree of specialized knowledge regarding domestic and foreign private law capable of examining and solving social issues from broad perspectives. This course has an organized system of instruction that contributes to the cultivation of such individuals. Recently, this course has also gained popularity with the Civil Service Course(Japanese students only).

Course of Public Law

Responding to a wide range of needs with excellent professors and cross-disciplinary research.

This course is distinctive for three characteristics̶ a staff of professors who can handle a wide variety of expertise, the lowering of barriers to private law course to make cross-disciplinary research possible, and the focus on tax law for the sake of helping students majoring in tax law to be eligible for being exempted from taking tests on two legal subjects in the certified tax accountant examination. This course takes on relevant studies involving, of course, the constitution, as well as private law, and is also the ideal environment for persons wishing to research areas outside of tax law. It is also open to the wide-ranging of the general public, including those who work as certified public accountants and licensed tax accountants. Those who are capable of active discussion with a positive attitude are welcome.


Course of Private Law [PDF/25KB] 
Course of Public Law [PDF/27KB]

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