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Japan currently faces many food-related issues, such as the reduction in the food self-sufficiency rate, food supply problems caused by population growth and global warming, as well as food safety issues. Amid the diverse range of global food-related issues, highly skilled specialists who can practically resolve these issues in a comprehensive and flexible manner from global perspectives are required. Under such social circumstances, the Graduate School of Food and Nutritional Sciences aims to further cooperation among research institutions, universities, and companies, and offer graduate education to nurture “highly skilled professionals who can play an active role in the global fields related to food and nutrition sciences, food safety and security, and the extension of healthy life expectancy through sports, which is one of the features of our university”, while bearing in mind the goal of “establishing a graduate school to nurture highly skilled professionals”.

Message from Professor of Food and Nutritional Sciences

The Graduate School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, covering the fields of global food science and sport, health, and nutrition science, aims to nurture human resources equipped with a wide range of professional knowledge, sense of morality, and global perspectives, and the ability to resolve food- and health-related problems in modern society. In addition to research work which was given importance in the conventional graduate education, this course focuses on coursework to learn the basic knowledge, such as a wide range of professional knowledge on food, sense of morality, and language and communication skills in order to be able to respond to industrial and social needs as highly skilled professionals. Based on this foundation, we will strive to nurture high-level specialists to be engaged in practical activities who have the ability to resolve a wide range of food-related problems through the master’s thesis research process and professional education, and to achieve the realization of a graduate school which can produce socially important human resources to work across specialty boundaries. Also, with the aim of helping students develop global perspectives, overseas training is provided as a mandatory program, and the course accepts working adults who wish to develop their career in the field of food science with consideration for nurturing individuals who can contribute to the globalization of food-related companies. Through the above human resource development, the course is committed to contributing to the creation of a society where people can stay healthy, bright, and active throughout their lives.

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