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The Economics course develops economics researchers and provides human resources that contribute to private companies, public offices and environmental management. The Public/Private Partnership(PPP)course, which is the only graduate school specializing in PPP around the world, helps foster the knowledge and skills needed to implement new public private partnerships based on the economic theories. Because it requires understanding of both public and private sectors, this course is by nature multi-disciplinary.


Course of Economics

Global economics and environmental policy curriculum that fulfills the needs of working professionals and researchers.

This course has two areas of study (Economics and Environment) designed for working professionals and those who are interested in increasing their knowledge base of global economics and environmental studies. The coursework of Economics is concentrated in four areas: 1. Economic Theory and Policy, 2. Globalism/Global Economics, 3. Industry and Business/ Financial Management, 4. Social Policy Studies. In addition, the program of Environmental Studies includes electives of environmental economics and policies. Both courses also offer a doctoral program to fulfill your needs and to pursue a career in academia. Starting in 2014, accelerated coursework and early graduation is possible with our new curriculum. Therefore, it is now possible to graduate with a bachelor's and master's degrees in just five years (only for the top students of the Faculty of Economics of Toyo University who have met the requirements).

Course of Public/Private Partnership

Educating key persons that link private citizens, and public and private business.

This is the only graduate school for members of society in the world that targets people working at the front lines of public and private business. It nurtures the knowledge and skills needed to smoothly move ahead with PPP plans of global standards and clarifies governance through risk/return design and contracts.

With achievements recognized since FY2006, in FY2011 it was certified as a UN PPP institute and established an Asia PPP institute. From FY2013, three courses,

“City Management,”“ Global PPP,” and“ PPP Business” were opened to meet the diversity of PPPs. Internet School Program is available for students living in a remote place(. Please ask for details.)


Course of Economics [PDF/22KB] 
Course of Public/Private Partnership [PDF/22KB]

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Hakusan Main Campus

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