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The Graduate School of Business Administration has established three separate graduate degree courses with the aim of producing graduates qualified to step into positions of leadership required in today’s increasingly global society. The Business Administration course aims to produce researchers and professionals with a high degree of expertise.

The Business, Accounting and Finance course fosters international financial professionals. While the Marketing course cultivates marketing specialists. Small class sizes allow the teachers to provide personalized assistance and focus on thesis guidance.


Course of Business Administration

Gaining a mastery of business administration to ensure a future competitive advantage.

 The master’s course strives to create researchers and professional specialists who possess a high degree of expertise in the general theory of business administration. The doctoral course aims to further cultivate a high degree of creativity and research ability in administration, marketing, accounting, finance and related fields. In both courses, students develop a deeper understanding of important contemporary issues such as globalization, computerization, NPOs, and environmental issues. The program provides students with a dynamic learning environment taught by teachers from a variety of fields of expertise.

Course of Business, Accounting and Finance

Responding to corporate changes with innovative management practices.

 In response to an increasingly competitive global marketplace, three courses grounded in principles of practical business administration were established.

The Entrepreneur / Management Training course develops business leaders and managers who can create new management systems that effectively respond to drastically changing management environments. The Accounting Finance Specialist Training course cultivates highly skilled professional experts in the fields of accounting/taxes and finance. The Small-and-Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Registration Training course provides consultants of small-and-medium-sized businesses with practical workplace skills that will directly contribute to the development of small-and-medium-sized enterprises.

Course of Marketing

Globalization of Marketing Practices.

“Marketing theories” originating from the United States are now applied in many regions of the world, and research on brands and their promotion distinctive to the ICT era continues to develop. Our course aims to instill the importance of the development of marketing “sense” in our students. That is, thinking from the perspective of the end consumer and being sensitive to market changes are essential to succeeding in business in countries with both mature and rapidly growing markets. Students also acquire the ability to analyze information based on theory, data, and strategies arising from both.



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