2. Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Letters

The Graduate School of Letters, which is the oldest graduate school at Toyo University, has eight programs that deal with language-related academic fields.

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Graduate School of Sociology

As approaches to solve various social problems, the Graduate School of Sociology offers two programs: Sociology and Social Psychology.

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Graduate School of Law

The Graduate School of Law fosters genuine legal professionals who can act in accordance with the spirit of law in a flexible and fair manner and who are thus essential to modern society.

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Business Administration

Graduate School of Business Administration

In Academic Year 2010, the Graduate School of Business Administration started offering three programs, as it added a new program, Marketing, which fosters marketing experts, to the two existing ones, Business Administration, which fosters researchers and highly skilled professionals, and Business Accounting and Finance, which fosters globally capable financial experts.

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Graduate School of Engineering
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The Graduate School of Engineering offers four programs: Intelligent Material and Mechatronics Systems, Biological Applied Chemistry, Environmental System Planning and Space Design, and Open Information Systems.

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Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering consists of four fields of specialization (Master Course),conferring master’s degrees (Science and Engineering) and doctoral degrees (Science and Engineering), two fields of specialization conferring master’s degrees (Engineering), and one field of specialization (Doctoral Course) conferring doctoral degrees (Engineering).

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Graduate School of Economics

The Economics program comprises the economics studies course, which teaches about the theories, policies and history of economics, and the environmental studies course, which fosters leaders of regional environmental activities and researchers of environmental economics and environmental policies.

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Regional Development Studies

Graduate School of Regional Development Studies

Today, there is greater cross-border movement of people, goods and information than ever before in human history. As a result, there is a demand for students who are able to cope with diverse issues such as development, trade issues, and the environment.

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Life Sciences

Graduate School of Life Sciences

Life sciences play the central role in resolving such challenges as improving and preserving the global environment, securing foods, dealing with problems related to medical care and aging.

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Welfare Society Design

Graduate School of Welfare Society Design

Toyo University has the longest tradition of social welfare education in Japan. The Graduate School of Welfare Society Design conducts cross-disciplinary, flexible research activities as it has added new programs called Human Centered Life Design and Human Environmental Design to the programs that have inherited that tradition, Social Welfare Studies and Welfare Society System.

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Interdisciplinary New Science

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science

The Bio-Nano Science Fusion Course, the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary New Science was established in 2007 in order to conduct advanced combined studies of bioscience and nanotechnology.

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Graduate School of Information Sciences and Arts

Graduate School of Information Sciences and Arts

The Graduate School of Information Sciences and Arts aims to cultivate global ICT professionals by learning highly technical knowledge and skills of advanced ICT systems, by challenging internationally recognized important topics, by training the behavioral characteristics as an leader and by applying information sciences to different fields.

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Professional Graduate School of Law

Legal work post graduate course (Law school)

The Law School develops the basic and systematic knowledge necessary for successful legal professionals, cultivates clear judgment, flexible application capability and global perspectives, and fosters students into legal professionals with an acute sense of human rights, who have a high level of ethical integrity, and broad and deep humanity.

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