International Tourism Studies

Students in the International Tourism Studies of the Faculty of Regional Studies, Toyo University investigate deeply the complex relationships among various tourism factors, including carrying capacity of environment and resources in responding to the recent international circumstances like globalization and the information society. Teaching staff have various backgrounds in three major categories: i) tourism industry, ii) tourism management and iii) tourism planning and environment. Their research covers varied areas including transportation, communication network, hotel management and hospitality, tourism resources, resort areas, environmental conservation, etc..

The main study area of the International Tourism Studies aims, not only to contribute to research and study fields of the international tourism, but also to foster human resources needed for the progress of international and domestic tourism industries. Therefore, this course offers special high-level lectures and/or seminars to those students who are from neighboring Asian countries and those who also have full-time jobs, in addition to students that have graduated from relevant faculties.

Staff of International Tourism Studies