Regional Development Studies

Director of  Regional Development Studies
Prof.Toshiyuki OKAMURA

This Regional Development Studies Course was inaugurated with the aim of fostering individuals who will play significant roles in international institutions and international businesses. These highly specialized regional development subjects are purposely aimed at the creation of sustainable societies and as such, research investigates environmental problems, hygiene and sanitation, ethnic matters, gender, welfare and other development issues. Research is applied in practical applications to contribute to the development of societies globally.
We envisage to educate the students who will contribute to international organizations, international business development, and international relations. We also see to promote sustainable societies or a global sustainable society?
In other words, we aim, through interdisciplinary approach, to contribute to the solution of a wide range of issues involving, for example, the environment, sanitation, ethnic groups, gender, welfare, social development, civil engineering, and social infrastructure.

We welcome all students who will work hard to achieve our common goals.
Students who are not fluent in Japanese can obtain their diploma by taking lectures exclusively in English.

Staff of Regional Development Studies