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The Faculty of Life Sciences seeks to cultivate human resources with creative thinking ability and high ethics, and who can contribute to the development of a global society based on a comprehensive understanding of life.



Biotechnology developed from genetic engineering and cellular fusion, is applied to the fields of science, agriculture, engineering, and medicine, leading to major technological innovations in medicine, food, and the environment. "Life Science" is the integration of the "Biotechnologies" of various fields.
By opening the Faculty of Life Sciences in April 1997, Toyo University drew attention to the importance of this field ahead of other universities. Since then, "Life" has been dissected to the molecular level, and life phenomena from microscopic organisms to humans have been studied. In particular, major accomplishments have been made in Japan with regard to microscopic organisms that live in "extreme environments."
Presently, the environment surrounding "Life" is experiencing major changes, and various issues have gained much attention. In response, this Faculty has established "Life," "Environment," and "Food," the three major themes connected to "Life," as independent fields from the "Department of Life Sciences." In April of 2009, the "Department of Applied Biosciences" and the "Department of Food Life Sciences" were established. Through wide-ranging and extensive educational research activities by these three departments, research and development which can contribute toward a better life and the global environment are carried out.

Diploma Policy


Students who 1) have acquired specialized knowledge after gaining basic knowledge related to life phenomena including living organisms living in extreme environments and humans, as well as basic analysis techniques for life phenomena receive a diploma, 2) are able to challenge the development of advanced sciences and advanced technologies in the fields of "Life," the "Environment," and "Food" using superior creative thinking ability, and 3) having a strong determination to contribute toward the development of a global society, as well as a broad viewpoint, rich humanity, and self-reliance, are awarded with a diploma.

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  • Department of Life Sciences
  • Department of Applied Biosciences

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