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At the Faculty of Law, human resources are trained to show abundant humanity with flexibilty and a broad viewpoint and to be persons who can understand those who suffer when facing society by developing "Legal Minds" that have comprehensive awareness and judgment which integrates logical thinking methods and legal balance, as well as problem solving ability.



The Faculty of Law of Toyo University was established in 1956 with the Department of Law 1 and the Department of Law 2 (currently an Evening Course). In 1964, correspondence education began, and in 1965, the Department of Business Administration Law 1 was established ahead of other universities, in response to the demands of the times to cultivate human resources with a comprehensive understanding of laws related to business activities. In 2001, the name of the department was changed to the Department of Business Law to reflect the importance and internationalization of business legal affairs.

At the Faculty of Law, students learn basic study methods and systematically acquire legal knowledge from the basics. As the students learn laws, they gain advanced professional knowledge as specialists, and develop a legal mind as a generalist who can understand those who suffer when facing society. Furthermore, in order to cultivate human resources with abundant qualifications, cultural accomplishments, and advanced skills as international persons, students are educated in language skills, communication skills, and in academic knowledge from various fields in addition to specialized legal knowledge.

Diploma Policy


The Faculty of Law aspires to produce students who have legal minds and who can respond to today's globalized society. To accomplish this, our basic principles are "philosophy," "a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency," and "possession of knowledge and virtue," as embodied in the teachings of the university founder, Dr. Enryo Inoue. Our goal is to produce human resources who can promote social justice through acquiring basic legal knowledge with a background in "philosophy," who possess a "spirit of independence and self-sufficiency," which means utilizing and applying acquired knowledge related to legal issues affecting society, and who possess "knowledge and virtue," in other words the ability to possess virtue in addition to knowledge.

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  • Department of Law
  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of Law (Evening Course)
  • Department of Law (Correspondence Course)

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Main Campus

Hakusan Main Campus

5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606

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