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The Faculty of Economics gives substance to each interest and curiosity through its university education in order to assist students in the acquisition of the basic skill, "Learning." This skill will then transform future goals into reality within the Japanese economy and society, as well as in international economy and society.



Even from the time of Tetsugakukan, predecessor of Toyo University, lectures on economics had been established. When switching to the new Toyo University system, plans for the Faculty of Economics according to the School Education Act were already underway, and the faculty was established in April 1950. The Faculty of Economics is the second oldest Faculty at Toyo University, and is organized so students can learn "current economics" in relation to the time period.
Economics are based on basic economic theories such as microeconomics and macroeconomics, and identifies economic phenomena currently occurring in Japan and internationally, based on a comprehensive viewpoint, in order to consider the condition of future Japanese and international society.

The Toyo University Faculty of Economics seeks to establish the foundation of learning economics according to each interest and for the creation of curriculum.

Diploma Policy


The Faculty of Economics aims to cultivate human resources who possess rich humanity and independence, and a global perspective based on economic theories, who can consider the Japanese economy interdisciplinarily, and who have a wide range knowledge and the ability to make sound judgments.
Graduate degrees are given to human resources who have acquired a broad understanding of the Japanese and international economics based on basic economic theories and language skills such as English, in order to analyze actual problems and provide solutions.

The number of credits required to acquire a degree are set, and participation in seminars and graduate work is encouraged.

List of Departments

Department of Economics
Department of International Economics
Department of Policy Studies
Department of Economics (Evening Course)


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Department of International Economics [PDF/43KB] 
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Department of Economics (Evening Course) [PDF/33KB]

Main Campus

Hakusan Main Campus

5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606

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