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Department of International Economics

We aim to offer a wide range of courses that will provide students with the fundamental skills that will, after graduation, play important roles in our increasingly globalized world. We offer various courses designed to help students acquire core economic concepts and views, as well as foreign languages such as English, French, German, and Chinese, and basic IT skills.

Curricular Outline

In the Department of International Economics, first-year students learn basic theories of economics and study socio-political issues around the globe in order to cultivate diverse viewpoints. In their second, third, and fourth years, students learn how global economy works by examining phenomena such as world trade trends, developments in international finance and multi-national corporations. We offer not only extensive English language courses but also courses in French, German, and Chinese. Moreover, we expect those language courses to help students to understand foreign countries culturally as well as economically.

Curricular Features

Small-class seminars, two units of which first-year students are required to take and other students are recommended to take, focus on enhancing presentations skills, discussion skills and essay-writing skills. Foreign language courses are one feature of our curriculum: students have opportunities to learn French, German, and Chinese as well as English throughout their undergraduate years. Practical foreign language courses geared to the TOEIC, Diplom Deutsch in Japan [German Language Proficiency Test], and Examen de Langue Francaise [French Language Proficiency Test] are also offered. We support students’ career aspirations by offering courses such as “Career Design” and “Internship.” These enable students each year to hone their job search skills and broad understanding of our world.