2. Faculties


The founder, Dr. Enryo Inoue, established the "Private School Tetsugakukan" in 1887. The Toyo University Faculty of Letters is proud of its more than 120-year history.

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Faculty of Economics

During the Tetsugakukan period, which was the predecessor of Toyo University, lectures on economics were already established.

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Business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

The Toyo University Faculty of Business Administration was established in 1966. In 2005, the first and second year students were transferred to the Hakusan Main Campus, unifying the four-year education at the center of the capital.

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Faculty of Law

The Toyo University Faculty of Law was established in 1956 with the start of the Department of Law 1 and Department of Law 2 (currently an Evening Course).

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Faculty of Sociology

We aspire to provide education based on two vectors, which are the pursuit of science and study, and their application and practice.

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Science and Engineering

Faculty of Science and Engineering

In 1961, the Toyo University "Faculty of Engineering" was established, and in April of 2009, it was restructured as the "Faculty of Science and Engineering".

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Information Sciences and Arts

Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts

In the 21st century, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has become the foundation for supporting society, and it is believed that the way of utilizing this greatly influences peoples lives and the development of the economy.

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Regional Development Studies

Faculty of Regional Development Studies

The Faculty of Regional Development Studies of Toyo University provides well- organized curricula based on an international perspective for students to become global specialists who can contribute to regional development and environmental preservation throughout the world.

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Life Sciences

Faculty of Life Sciences

We cultivate human resources who have creative thinking ability and high ethics who can contribute toward the development of a global society based on a comprehensive understanding of life.

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Food Life Sciences

Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences

In the Faculty of Food and Nutritional Science, students conduct research to solve the problem of modern Japanese society that has entered the aging society. In addition, they will learn in a complex knowledge of "food" based on the life science and scientific approach to the relationship of diet and nutrition.

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Human Life Design

Faculty of Human Life Design

The Faculty of Human Life Design supports everyone so that all can live happy lives and create a brighter future life environment.

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