Exchange Program

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The exchange program is designed for students who wish to study at Toyo University for one semester or a full year as specified below. The students in this program will mainly study Japanese language and culture. Those who are certified Level 1 (N1) or Level 2 (N2) of the JLPT (the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) are eligible to take regular classes taught in Japanese.

Eligible Students:

  1. Students enrolled in one of the partner universities of Toyo University that have entered in an agreement for student exchange
  2. Students enrolled in one of the member universities of ISEP
  3. ISEP-Direct students
  4. Students enrolled in one of the member universities of UMAP
  5. Students whose G.P.A. is 【Partner U/UMAP】2.0/4.0 or higher, 【ISEP】3.0/4.0 or higher.

  6. Students who have mastered hiragana and katakana characters completely before arriving in Japan if they would like to take Japanese language and culture program (NEST).

Language Requirement:

It is strongly recommended that students begin the exchange program having taken at least one semester of a university level Japanese language course. Beginning students who have never formally studied Japanese must master hiragana and katakana characters before arriving in Japan.

◆Educational materials recommended for beginning students of the Japanese language (online):

JF Japanese e-learning Hiragana

JF Japanese e-learning Katakana

Exchange Period:

PeriodFall (September) EnrollmentSpring (April) Enrollment
SemesterSeptember to JanuaryApril to August
Full YearSeptember to AugustApril to January

※Changing the length of your period of study after submitting your application documents (from a semester to a year, or a year to a semester) is not allowed. Please make sure of your desired length of study before submitting your application.


Tuition of Toyo University will be exempted.
(Except ISEP-Direct students)


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