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Volunteer Activities

Support in Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

At Toyo University, integrated university knowledge is used to support long-term reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. For example, the Tohoku Oen Project (TOP) was established, and student volunteers were sent to three locations in the Tohoku disaster area in August and September 2011. About 400 students participated in volunteer activities. Students were divided into multiple time periods depending on the area over the two-month summer vacation, assisting with main activities such as cleaning individual homes, shops, and factories according to local needs.

At Tono  At Tono At Tono

 At Tono At Higashi-Matsushima At Higashi-Matsushima 

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Comments by Participants (Partial)

    • I didn't have the courage to volunteer in the past, but this time I was determined to participate. I could sense the huge scale of the damage. I was happy I could join.
    • After volunteering, my understanding of the disaster and volunteer work greatly changed. I learned the importance of taking action based on the desire to help others.
    • When I saw how calm people were and how they cooperated for reconstruction after the disaster, I felt the strength and goodness of the Japanese people. (Foreign student)

Support for Students with Disabilities

Many different people study at Toyo University. In order to establish good student relationships as friends at the university to learn together, and so that students with disabilities can feel comfortable at the university, the "Support Staff for Students with Disabilities" has been established to provide practical help.

For example, to support students with disabilities, the staff takes notes of class contents.

Student Volunteer Center

The "Student Volunteer Center," with its headquarters located on Asaka Campus, is managed by students. Daily activities include introducing general students to volunteer work, and planning and managing volunteer work so many people can come to know what volunteer work is all about.